VIDEO: Old Liberal Cher Gets This Prestigious Award – What Award Would YOU Give Her?

At the Billboard Music Award show, Cher was honored with an award. We think she should have received a different one.

She received the coveted ‘Icon’ Award for her decades as a performer.

The 71-year old continued to shock spectators with her revealing and typical ‘Cher’ clothing.

Here she is performing:

Cher has been many things over the years — the other half of Sonny & Cher, solo performer, Drag Queen icon, mother of prominent transgender activist, and anti-Trump/anti-GOP twitter machine.

Cher has made her Twitter feed almost exclusively a giant rant about President Trump.

Here’s a quick sample of her emoji-laden hate:

Wow. That’s a lot of rage!

Really, she should get a different award. After all, the two songs she performed were from more than two decades ago.

How about:

The Drag Queen Icon Award

The Excessive Use of Emoji in Tweets Award

The GOP-Hating Rage Monster Award

The Most Inappropriately Dressed For a 71-Year Old Award

The I Promised To Move To Canada But Reneged Award

So, what award do you think she should have received?

Let us know in the comments.

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