Video: Nutter Farrakhan Links The Star Of David To Sexual Immorality – No, This Isn’t Satire

We already knew this good friend of many key Democrats doesn’t like Jews. But this is stupid, even by his standards.

If a short Austrian with a bad mustache started talking like this, we’d all be alarmed. But when it’s a leader of a tax-exempt religious organization in America, with deep connections to the Democrat party (including a long-buried photo with President Obama), they hardly say ‘boo’.

Remember this recent story?

Two weeks ago, during a Saviours’ Day event to commemorate the life of Nation of Islam founder Master Fard Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan had some things to say about Jews. The “powerful Jews,” he told the audience inside Wintrust Arena in Chicago, “are my enemy.” The Jews are also “responsible for all of this filth and degenerate behavior that Hollywood is putting out turning men into women and women into men” — that is, for the existence of transgender people, which Farrakhan apparently views as a pressing moral concern. He issued a warning to a subset of the Jewish community — “Farrakhan has pulled the cover off the eyes of the Satanic Jew and I’m here to say your time is up, your world is through. You good Jews better separate because the satanic ones will take you to hell with them because that’s where they are headed.”
Source: NY Mag

That article called out prominent women’s march leaders who should have distanced themselves, and denounced it… but didn’t.

A 2016 Farrakhan video blasting the Star of David as connected to the ‘mark of the beast’ is back in circulation.

Farrakhan presents the image of the Star of David on a screen and makes note of the six triangles. “Each angle in an equilateral triangle has how many degrees?” he asks, smiling. “60,” reply audience members in unison, much to Farrakhan’s delight. “So, the Bible says, count the number of a beast, for it is the number of a man,” he notes.

After connecting the Star of David to the mark of the beast, the anti-Semitic minister gives a tutorial on how the Jewish symbol, when superimposed over the body, illustrates sexual immorality.

Source: DailyWire

It’s in all there if you want to verify that we’re not making it up.

Obviously, it’s included as news, not as an endorsement of Farrakhan’s crackpot racist theories.

We only wonder why so many of his friends on the left are so hesitant to denounce him with the plain language sites like ours are.

If he was a Republican, it would be obvious to them he’s a racist. Can anyone figure out why he (and his elected Democrat friends) are not also denounced as racist?

Anyone at all?


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