VIDEO: Notre Dame Attack Caught On FILM – Must See Footage!

Surveillance video caught the entire attack and the takedown. We have it here.

Unlike the London Bridge attacker, this guy wasn’t suspected of radicalization.

ClashDaily reported the breaking news story yesterday.

BREAKING: Terrorist Attacks Cop With Hammer At Notre Dame — Cop Double Taps Him!

PARIS (AP) — The man who attacked police officers patrolling in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, crying out “This is for Syria!” was a former journalist who was working on a doctoral thesis and had not been suspected of radicalization, according to university officials and the French government’s spokesman.

Christopher Castaner told RTL radio on Wednesday that police were quickly able to classify the hammer attack as a “terrorist act” because of “the words he said.”

Really? Shouting ‘This is for Syria!’ is a tip-off now, is it?

How about ‘Allahu Akbar’? Is that a tip-off, too?

(Not if you’re Obama — that means ‘Workplace Violence’.)

Surveillance video emerged Wednesday showing the man lunging at officers on the plaza outside the cathedral, then being shot, according to the footage provided to The Associated Press.

An officer was slightly injured in the Tuesday attack and the attacker remained hospitalized after being shot by police. Police have not released his name.
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Watch the Notre Dame attack here:

How should we be handling these attacks?

Doug Giles and Rich Witmer have some ideas:

Share to show how quickly the Paris Police neutralized the attack

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