Video: Muslim with Koran Challenges Col. West And Woefully Regrets It

Col West does not suffer fools gladly.

When this Muslim walked up to Col. Allen West and tried asking him a question in an attempt to corner him, he was definitely not expecting this to happen.

Guys like the one asking these questions are used to exploiting the Ignorance of Westerners about Islam specifically, and Historical Geopolitics between Islamic and Muslim nations from the beginning.

They are used to making false claims without being challenged.

They are NOT used to men like Col Allen West. People that are both informed, and unwilling to be bullied into accepting a false premise.

Watch him instantly be put back in his place as the crowd goes wild over Col. West’s answer:

Muslim Confronts Allen West….GETS OWNED

Allen West is my hero.

Posted by The Comical Conservative on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Want to be able to give an answer like West did? Read this and you’ll be well on your way:
DEAR PATRIOTS: Let’s Play, ‘Spot The BS’, In This PRO-TERRORISM Meme

It’s the kind of 3-minute history lesson that defenders of ‘poor innocent Islam’ would rather you not read, complete with names and dates.

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