Video: Hillary Shops In NYC And No One Notices Her!

What’s more pathetic than losing an election that the Media (D) rigged for you? Winning the ‘popular vote’ and being completely forgotten.

And it’s in her own backyard, too.

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

Hillary was out shopping in New York City and despite the Media (D)’s constant proclamation of her popularity, nobody seemed to notice her at all.

Well, the Media (D) noticed.

But no one else did.

Watch as Hillary strolls down Madison Avenue on Saturday and no one cares:

Watching Hillary on those New York streets makes you wonder…

1. Where’s Huma?

2. Will a New York Times ‘journalist’ call her out for walking like a racist white woman?

Perhaps this is why Hillary wants to be a ‘spiritual leader’ now — then people will pay attention to her again.

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