Video: CNN Shocked By What IA Voters Are Saying About Russia Investigation

He seemed just as surprised by their answers to the follow-ups.

If reporters are so shocked by these answers, they must not have ventured very far out of their Liberal Metropolitan bubbles.

A reporter sat down with four Cedar Rapids Trump voters and started asking questions.
They were an aerobics instructor, a banker, a former baseball player and a salesman — and they answered his questions without hesitation.

The answers may not have been what he was expecting.

He was exactly what the first guy was looking for… he ‘wanted change’ from what we had before. Considering the last guy’s slogan, that’s kind of funny.

What do they think of the Russia Investigation? It’s a ‘political witch hunt’.

Why do they think that? They do not trust the FBI’s handling of it. They suspect there is real political bias there. Note: they are not distrustful of the FBI as an organization, so much as key figures in their leadership.

The Nunes memo was something they were all glad to see released. And the group was split between the ‘Yes. Full transparency’ answer and ‘I have no reason to read that memo. I’m ready to move on’.

Here’s the answer that was most likely to surprise him. Not only do they think that Trump has not ‘colluded’ with Russia, they also think that he should stand back and wait for the Mueller team to clear his name.

Because he has nothing to hide.

Or, as one of CNN’s own staffers once described the investigation they pour so much time and emotion into:

It’s ‘a nothing burger‘.

We agree. Does that mean you’ll start reporting the real news any time soon?

Let’s just say I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

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