Video: What ‘Care Worker’ Did To 89yr. Old Grandpa Is What We Call ‘Pure Evil’

There is a reason we have special laws for people who harm — in whatever way — people who are especially vulnerable.

We have special laws protecting children. We have special laws protecting the disabled. And we have special laws protecting the elderly.

Thugs like this are the reason we have such laws.

This will disgust and enrage you:

A personal care worker at a city-run long-term care home delivered 11 punches to the face of an elderly, immobile and largely non-verbal dementia patient, a video obtained by the Citizen reveals.

The high-definition video camera that recorded the attack was installed by the patient’s family and wasn’t even a secret to staff at the Garry J. Armstrong long-term care home on Island Lodge Road where the assault occurred.

Workers were made aware that the video system was being installed in the room of 89-year-old Georges Karam after the family grew increasingly concerned about the number of unexplained injuries he had suffered since moving into the residence two years ago. –Read More

This happened in Ottawa, Canada, but reminds us all how vulnerable all of our elderly people in Residences can be … especially if they can’t speak out against those who assaulted them.

That Grandkid loved his Grand-dad and did the right thing in stepping up for him. Who knows how long this has been going on, or how many other people he’s roughed up.


Absolutely disgusting.

When we entrust our vulnerable elderly relatives to be cared for at a long-term care facility like this one, there is no way that we could ever imagine abuse such as this occurring.

This is a violation of trust on the most basic level.

And this elderly man was one of the most vulnerable — he couldn’t speak and he had dementia. He was placed into long-term care at great expense so that he would be cared for not abused.

Of course, it need not be said that this kind of behavior from long-term care employees is the exception rather than the rule.

Unfortunately, many will paint these places with the same brush.

The lesson here is to do your research and pay attention.

And remember, when the family was concerned, the facility agreed to put the hidden camera in the room. That should certainly be commended.

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