VEGAS MASSACRE SCAM: Things Just Got WEIRDER As Detectives Look HERE For ‘Motive’ For Massacre

It keeps getting weirder…  There’s no known motive and many, many holes in the investigation, and they’re going HERE next?!

A ‘microscopic’ study of Stephen Paddock’s brain is about to be underway.

How will this help us figure out anything?

Oh, wait — it won’t.

Scientists are preparing to do a microscopic study of the Las Vegas gunman’s brain, but whatever they find, if anything, likely won’t be what led him to kill 58 people in the worst mass shooting in modern US history, experts said.

Stephen Paddock’s brain is being sent to Stanford University for a months-long examination after a visual inspection during an autopsy found no abnormalities, Las Vegas authorities said.

Doctors will perform multiple forensic analyses, including an exam of the 64-year-old’s brain tissue to find any possible neurological problems.

Doug calls B.S. on this crappy investigation:

But on the plus side, there will indeed be at least one brain at Stanford.

Nevermind that it’s the grey matter with a hole in it from a mass murderer.

The brain will arrive in California soon, and Stanford has been instructed to spare no expense for the work, The New York Times reported.

It will be further dissected to determine if Paddock suffered from health problems such as strokes, blood vessel diseases, tumors, some types of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, degenerative disorders, physical trauma and infections.

Again, how does knowing his physical health help us here?

Help me out, please, Stanford.

Dr Hannes Vogel, Stanford University Medical Center’s director of neuropathology, would not discuss the procedure with The Associated Press and referred questions to officials in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located.

They also refused to provide details.

Oh, really?  Can’t even know that, huh?

Good thing we’re ‘sparing no expense’.

If a disease is found, experts say it would be false science to conclude it caused or perhaps even contributed to the massacre, even if that explanation would ease the minds of investigators and the world at large.

‘There’s a difference between association and causality, and just because you have anything, doesn’t mean it does anything,’ said Brian Peterson, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners and chief coroner of Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County.

Source: Daily Mail


So we’re just doing this for sh-ts and giggles, then, is that what we’re supposed to take from it?

Or is it just a distraction so the Media (D) can say that something is happening with this very, very strange investigation that seems to be going nowhere.

Perhaps investigators could try hunting down where Paddock put the hard drive from his laptop.  That might be useful instead of determining if he had an infection.

Just sayin’.

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