The Vegas ‘Hero’ Security Guard Is Now MISSING – Here’s The Low Down

It looks like there’s even MORE weirdness surrounding the investigation of the Las Vegas massacre.  Check this out.

Remember that Security Guard that was shot in the leg by Stephen Paddock and labeled a ‘hero’ before the timelines got all messed up?

It’s being reported that he’s ‘gone missing’.

Jesus Campos, the security guard at Mandalay Bay was supposed to be interviewed on Thursday evening, but he just disappeared.

His whereabouts are unknown.

One of those interviews was with Sean Hannity:

When questioned by investigative journalist, Laura Loomer, Hannity Tweeted out that Campos had ‘cancelled’.

Loomer went to his house a few days ago and learned that there was an armed guard there.

After she learned that he was missing, she went back to talk to Troy, the security guard:

Newsweek had a story titled, ‘Who Is Jesus Campos?’

The man was initially labeled a hero for aiding police in finding the gunman — until the new timeline of events has come out and many questions are being raised about him.

In the initial timeline, Campos told police that he was shot in the leg by Paddock at 10:18 pm, three minutes after the shooting ended. It was believed that Campos may have distracted Paddock from his shooting spree and made him panic and commit suicide.

In the revised timeline, Campos was shot at 9:59 pm, a full 6 minutes before Paddock unleashed a shower of bullets on the concert-goers.

This has raised many key questions.

What was Campos doing for those 6 minutes?

Did he call 911?

There isn’t much known about the now-missing Security Guard’s background, or what he did during that crucial 6 minutes.

To add to the weirdness, it has also been reported that there is no ‘Jesus Campos’ licensed as a Security Guard in Nevada.

What do you think of this strange new development?

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