UNREAL: ‘New Vegas Massacre Details’ Emerge And It’s Looking Like We’re Still Being CONNED

Usually, when we get more information, the picture gets more clear. But in Vegas, it is getting murkier.

We now have two conflicting timelines for the events that unfolded in Los Vegas.

The original timeline had begun at 10:05, with Paddock opening fire on the crowd. At 10:12, police on the floor below describe gunshots on the floor above them. 10:14 Campos was shot while approaching the door. 10:15 shots at crowd stop. 10:17 police arrive on 32nd floor, Campos told them about his injury and gunman’s position at 10:18.

Scenario 2:

9:59, Campos responds to an alarm on 32nd floor. He is shot at through the door, injured.
He IMMEDIATELY notifies hotel security. (Stephen Schuck’s account lines up with this.) Six minutes later, at the gunman rains Hell down on the concertgoers. At 10:12, police on the floor below describe gunshots on the floor above them. At 10:15, the shooter stops firing. And it’s only at 10:18, police are notified about Campos being shot at… information that could have saved them valuable time.

Here is an interview with the building engineer describing the encounter in the hallway, where Campos was shot.

The engineer called out over the radio what’s going on at that point.

That doesn’t explain why the police weren’t called right away.

There are still so many unanswered questions in Los Vegas. Like these ones.

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