UNREAL: Look What Parents Did To Teacher For CORRECTING Their Goofy Kid

It all started with a teacher doing her job… if you think her job was ‘making sure her kids learn something’. It ended with serious injuries.

Public school stories are getting worse and worse.
This story out of Martin Luther King Accelerated Learning Academy PreK-8, in Pittsburg is pretty horrific.

What did the teacher do wrong? She enforced a school rule.

What a tyrant, right?

The school rule was about using cellphones in class. There’s this wacky theory that playing with a cellphone in class could have some impact on your ability to learn.

What you don’t know yet is that Janice Watkins teaches FOURTH Grade. Keep that in mind as the story plays out.

And it’s an Accelerated learning academy? So you would think that any parent putting their kids in there would have an emphasis on… you know… learning.

You’d think they might even appreciate her enforcing the school rules so that their little darling could actually benefit from some of that ‘accelerated learning’.

And then, you learn ‘the rest of the story’.

The student’s parents were waiting on the teacher when she left the school.

The parents, who were not identified, followed the teacher in a black SUV. When she got near the West End Bridge, near the intersection of Route 65, the couple got out of the SUV and approached her.

The teacher rolled down her window, according to TribLive, as the woman threw a brick at her. Both of the parents then pulled the teacher from her vehicle and began to beat her.

The teacher was taken by ambulance to Allegheny General Hospital, where she is being treated for “facial injuries and lost teeth.” She is listed in stable condition.
Source — The Maven

Wow. What fantastic role models this kid has.

Someone says ‘no’ to this little snowflake — and this mom and dad will jump that teacher, throw a brick at her, drag her from her car and beat the teeth out of her.

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