The ‘United Nations’ LOVES The Religion Of Peace – Look At This Non-Sense

By:  Andrew Linn

Clash Contributor

December 10 has been declared to be Human Rights Day, in which everyone across the globe is asked to respect and recognize the rights of each other. Human Rights was the result of the United Nations General Assembly adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which affirms the inalienable rights that everyone is entitled to regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, language, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

First, given the anti-American feeling at the United Nations, as well as its leftist atmosphere, I believe the United Nations should disband (as should the European Union).

Second, it is likely that Human Rights Day will probably focus more on the United States or some other Western nation as opposed to countries that do have a bad track record when it comes to human rights (e.g., North Korea).

Third, how much time of Human Rights Day is devoted to the Muslim world? This should be the focal point of the United Nations when it comes to human rights, considering the Muslim world (especially Muslim countries that have adopted sharia law) has more than its fair share of human rights abuses. The following examples demonstrate why this is so:

— Non-Muslims in the Muslim world are considered to be second-class citizens, subject to discrimination, harassment, paying the jizya (a special poll tax), facing pressure to and/or being forced to convert to Islam, and violence.
· — Women are considered to be inferior to men, and they are subject to being forced to wear the veil, forbidden to leave their homes unless they are accompanied by a male relative, having to submit to arranged, forced, or child marriages, being beaten by their husbands, other male relatives, or religious police, face harassment or even death (e.g., honor killings) if they are not modest (or even suspected of not being modest), subject to the death penalty (i.e. stoning) if they commit adultery, and need the testimony of four male witnesses if they accuse someone of raping them (otherwise they will be accused of adultery).
· — Apostates (Muslims who convert to another religion) are subject to the death penalty via stoning.
· — The entire LGBT is also subject to the death penalty, since homosexuality is forbidden in Islam, although male pedophiles who prey upon little boys are sometimes given a free pass.
· — Slavery is condoned in Islam. Muslims continue to enslave Africans to this day. In fact, the Arabic word “abd” can be translated as both “black” and “slave”. People from Asian countries (e.g., India, Indonesia) are also enslaved.
· — In addition to administrating the death penalty for various offenses, the authorities in Muslim also engage in torture.

Despite these abuses, the United Nations has not shed much light on them or taken much action, particularly due to the representatives in the UN from Muslim nations (and their leftist allies) closing the door on such discussion.

Just another reason why the UN should disband.

The wussified masses at the United Nations continue to acquiesce to Islamists and cover up the problems inherent in their religion.

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