Unbelievable: What This Woman Doused Bus Driver Should Land Her In Jail

Have we really sunk so low as a culture that we need to create a new law to deal with this behavior?

It’s sick. But suddenly this behavior is popping up everywhere.

But even worse than what she DID to the bus driver… is what ‘provoked’ such sick treatment.

As this one woman was stepping off the bus, the driver ‘triggered’ her.

She said something ‘unbearable’.

‘Have a nice day.’

And then it was ‘on’.

The woman was caught on CCTV peeing into a into a takeaway coffee cup at the back of the bus just moments before the bizarre assault.

She then got up and walked towards the door to get off following the incident in Washington.

As she did the driver politely told her to have a nice day, police said.

The woman asked the driver if he was talking to her, and when he replied ‘yes’, she took out a purple travel cup and threw its contents at [her]. –Mirror

Say what?

What is it about people using piss as a weapon these days?

It wasn’t all that long ago that we reported this story

So let’s recap. Bus driver says have a nice day, that ‘triggers’ someone so badly that they need to be doused in urine.

That’s bad enough. But did you catch that OTHER weird part?

There’s a lot going on in that story. Let’s see it again because you probably overlooked it in the horror of the attack itself:

The woman was caught on CCTV “peeing into a takeaway coffee cup” at the back of the bus just moments before the bizarre assault.

What kind of a woman even THINKS about doing something like that? Just casually taking a whiz into a cup in public transit?

This was in the Nation’s Capitol, folks!

Way to keep it classy!

The good news is she’s facing charges:

A woman who police said threw her own urine on a Metrobus driver over the weekend was arrested Wednesday.
Metro Transit Police arrested 38-year-old Opal Brown shortly before noon Wednesday after they said she tossed a cup of urine on a Metrobus driver Saturday evening.
…The driver went to a hospital for “decontamination,” although she wasn’t injured.–WTOP

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