Twisted: Look What CNN Producer Did To Parents And Students After The Valentine’s Day Massacre

This is just disgusting. How does this square with ‘journalistic integrity’?

It doesn’t.

But then, we are talking about CNN. They are essentially Pravda for the Democrats while portraying themselves as neutral entities.

Watch Doug take the Media (D) to task for using traumatized students to push their gun-grabbing agenda;

It’s bad enough that they are using the students that have gone through such a horrific ordeal to push their leftist gun-grabbing narrative.

But it seems that the problem is even more disturbing than that.

It’s not about just pushing one agenda — it is also about silencing the other side.

First, one survivor of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida has claimed that his proposed question at the CNN townhall was replaced by a CNN producer for a scripted one. Interestingly, this student was a JROTC member and a hero that used kevlar mats as shields for his classmates. He was hoping to ask about having armed guards on school campuses — veterans, retired police officers, etc.

The student that disagreed with the narrative claims that his question was to be ‘scripted’ by CNN.

What a weird coincidence.

CNN denies this and says that they would never of ever do such a thing.

It seems as though Colton Haab is not the only one that CNN tried to use to push their gun control scheme.

On Laura Ingram’s show on February 22, Andrew Klein, father of Ariana Klein, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, says that he was contacted the day after the shooting by a CNN producer asking for people ‘willing to espouse a certain narrative’ and turn the tragedy into a ‘policy debate’.


Remember, these are the same people that claim that they’re not Fake News and created an entire advertisement against ‘fake news’:

So much for any ‘apples’ in this the wake of this tragedy — it seems like CNN is looking to harvest a whole heap of bananas.

You know why?

Because, as a wise man said, the organization is terrible and CNN really is fake news.



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