Trump’s Respect For Billy Graham Is Something You Need To See

President Trump had long admired and respected Rev. Billy Graham. Check it out.

The great Rev. Billy Graham — America’s Pastor — died of natural causes Wednesday at the age of 99.

His words, his wisdom, and his life touched many lives.  One of them is the current resident of the White House.

As with most things involving President Trump, you can take a look at his Twitter feed to see what it is that he’s thinking.

What is fascinating is that it reveals that he had a tremendous amount of respect for Billy Graham that dates back years.

For a man that uses his own words so much, President Trump tweeted several inspirational quotes by Billy Graham.

He was honored to attend Graham’s 95th Birthday party in 2013.

Here’s a photo of President Trump at Rev. Graham’s 95th Birthday celebration.

President Trump wasn’t mugging for the camera, he was just present as Rev. Graham was honored.

Watch right to the end where it mentions that ‘billionaire Donald Trump and his wife Melania had the best seats in the house’:

Listen to Donald Trump discuss his relationship with Billy Graham — it’s FANTASTIC:

Whoa, Nelly!

Won’t that interview just make a leftist’s head explode?

Remember, this was in 2013 — two years before billionaire Donald J. Trump seriously considered running for President.

And even this past November, when he was celebrating the one-year anniversary of his election win, he remembered to wish Billy Graham a Happy Birthday.

To recognize the death of a great man, the President Tweeted this:

President Trump said that Billy Graham had the ‘It Factor’ that contributed to his success and it’s very special and very rare.

It looks like they had that in common.

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