Trump’s Fights For Baby Charlie’s Life That The Pope Initially Passed On

Remember all the Never Trumpers who said Trump lacked principles, and how he wasn’t Christian enough to stand up for what mattered? Where are they after THIS story?

Even the Pope wasn’t on the baby’s side at first. But Trump was.

When the ‘Human Rights’ courts stood opposed to offering treatment that could extend a baby’s life, and even the Pope (initially) accepted their verdict as final, his parents kept pleading for his life.

Fight and love is all the Gards have right now. When the doctors say no, the courts say no, and the European Court of Human Rights refuses to intervene – despite wading in so heroically to defend the human rights of immigrant rapists and terrorist baby-killers – Charlie’s parents have a simple choice: fight or despair.–Read More

And Trump stood with them in their fight, shining a spotlight that few others could on their plight. (p.s.: This is what ‘raising awareness’ REALLY looks like.) And now the Pope stands with them. And the Vatican hospital has even offered to give treatment.

The parents haven’t given up hope.

And as it turns out, as important as we believe this one child’s life to be — an it is of ultimate importance — this touches on a broader issue… the lives of so many others, too.

But what if the fight for life is actually a fight for the principle of the right to life until the very end?

Trump is standing up for a Christian culture he is passionate about. He is not just President of the United States of America. He is rapidly evolving into a President of the Christian culture rooted in the American constitution. He said we will start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again. He believes life is a gift from God, and therefore it is his duty to defend it.

Or, as those of us who take up the ‘Life’ issue are fond of saying …(hat tip to the Catholics who coined it):

The right to life “From conception to natural death”

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