Trump’s DOJ Just Issued Big Decision In Freddie Gray Fiasco – Brace For Riots

Shopkeepers might want to go ahead and start boarding up their windows…

In 2015, the death of Freddie Gray rocked the nation.

The world watched as rioters burned parts of Baltimore to the ground.

Justice was demanded. And by ‘justice’, they meant that the police needed to be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.

Baltimore wasted almost half a million dollars charging the police involved… without any convictions.

And people turned to the FEDS, hoping they would make the police pay. Well, the DOJ looked into the issue. Here’s what they replied in the Press Release:

The Justice Department announced today that the independent federal investigation into the death of Freddie Gray, Jr., on April 19, 2015, in Baltimore, Maryland, found insufficient evidence to support federal criminal civil rights charges against six Baltimore Police Department (BPD) officers.

In determining whether it was possible to disprove the officers’ statements beyond a reasonable doubt, the Department took into account all of the evidence in the case, including, among other things, all witness statements, any video and audio evidence, medical evidence, and other relevant documents. The Department considered all of the evidence in light of the legal standards for proving criminal cases of false arrest, excessive force, and deliberate indifference.

With respect to a false arrest charge, the Department determined that it could not disprove the officers’ statements regarding the events leading to the arrest. According to the officers, Gray was detained after he made eye contact with Lieutenant Rice and then immediately ran from him. At the time, the bicycle officers were conducting proactive enforcement in an area known for drug sales. Once the officers stopped Gray, they admitted to securing him with handcuffs and then performing a cursory search for weapons, which yielded an illegal knife. A test of that knife later revealed that it opened with a spring-assist, which corroborates Officer Miller’s determination that it was a switchblade knife. In light of the Supreme Court’s decisions regarding the thresholds for reasonable suspicion and probable cause, prosecutors concluded that a false arrest under the Fourth Amendment was not supported by the facts. Gray’s unprovoked flight from Lieutenant Rice, which occurred in an area known for drug sales, gave the officers reasonable suspicion to briefly detain him. Miller’s discovery of a knife that appeared to be an illegal switchblade supplied probable cause to arrest Gray.

Strange, do you remember any of those DNC ‘mothers of the movement’ mentioning their departed angel’s switchblade?

Here are the criteria that they used for their decision:

In order to fully assess whether the officers used unreasonable force when arresting Gray, the Department closely examined medical evidence, video recordings, and witness accounts. The legal standard for such a prosecution would require the government to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an officer’s use of force during Gray’s arrest was objectively unreasonable based on all of the surrounding circumstances, and thereby violated the Fourth Amendment. The law requires that the reasonableness of an officer’s use of force on an arrestee be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene, rather than with the added perspective of hindsight.

Some description of what they evaluated and decided follows, with this summary in conclusion:


After an extensive review of this tragic event, conducted by career prosecutors and investigators, the Justice Department concluded that the evidence is insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Officer Caesar Goodson, Officer William Porter, Officer Garrett Miller, Officer Edward Nero, Lieutenant Brian Rice, or Sergeant Alicia White willfully violated Gray’s civil rights. Accordingly, the investigation into this incident has been closed without prosecution.

In this case, the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the District of Maryland, the Civil Rights Division, and the FBI each devoted significant time and resources to investigating the circumstances surrounding Gray’s death and to completing a thorough analysis of the evidence gathered. The Justice Department remains committed to investigating allegations of excessive force by law enforcement officers and will continue to devote the resources required to ensure that all serious allegations of civil rights violations are thoroughly examined. The Department aggressively prosecutes criminal civil rights violations whenever there is sufficient evidence to do so.

We expect that the left will unquestioningly accept this ruling, having seen the faith and trust they put in the DOJ. We well remember the Left’s outrage when Trump or his surrogates said things unflattering of DOJ decisions.

So, will Leftists accept this finding, which kills one of the planks in the BLM anti-police narrative?

Or will they say the DOJ is less than stellar, which nullifies any criticism the Republicans may have had about the DOJ mishandling certain files.

As for their angelic hero? Freddie ‘switchblade’ Gray? He was ‘known to police’. You knew that, right? See his rapsheet here:

Maybe that whole ‘angel’ thing was a lie from the beginning, huh?

Strange… what could possibly motivate the press to lie about something so serious?

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