This Trump NFL & NBA Meme Is VERY Offensive – In Other Words, It’s TRUE

If the supposed ‘liberal elite’ got cranky when we said ‘shut up and sing’, how do you think they’ll react to THIS — outrage, tears, or both?

Cue the Leftist meltdown in




Oh no you didn’t!

Oh, yes we did.

Is that a problem to you? Why?

There is a dedicated website called — if it’s servers ever stop over-heating, you can go check them out.

There is an ‘arrest-o-meter’!

There is… on average… one NFL player arrested a week.

They have even tracked the RECORD number of days since the last arrest.

It’s a little like how people have those workplace injury signs at work:

(64 days. That’s their RECORD!)

So, if you were wondering why the rest of America is laughing at the moral preening of millionaire athletes who STILL can’t find a way to keep it together long enough not to get arrested?

Our answer is: “64 days”.

Maybe focus on fixing the glaring problems from within your league before you try to hector the rest of us on any national problems.

All you idiots can keep running your mouths, and just see how much those contracts and endorsements are worth when your ratings hit lows you haven’t seen since the Carter Presidency.

Good luck with that.

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