Triggered Snowflake Says Mike Rowe’s ‘Hard Work’ Ethic Whizzes On ‘Higher Ed’ – Here’s Mike’s Epic Response

Rowe received a critical email regarding an article that he shared on social media. His response was perfect.

On Thursday, Mike Rowe posted a link to an NPR article titled, ‘High-Paying Trade Jobs Sit Empty While High School Grads Line Up For University.’ The post reached 3 Million people on Facebook, but one woman didn’t like what Rowe had shared.

Dawn Baker, took offense at Rowe’s pro- ‘hard work’ stance and claimed that he was shaming those that choose to pursue a 4-year degree.

Rowe has been pretty clear on questioning the wisdom of pushing every high school graduate into a 4-year degree program. He said as much in his Commencement Speech video for Prager University:

He wasn’t intimidated by her tough email, so he shared what Dawn wrote:

Is it your intent to make those who choose college to feel ashamed, lazy and brainwashed? Our country’s education system is under attack, and you seem to be supplying more ammunition to those attacking it……There’s a reason many of these jobs pay well – they are truly HARD WORK – physically hard. Dangerous hard. Mentally hard. Feel free to send reps to the local unemployment office and brow beat them to send people to these jobs. Whether you mean to or not – your are sending a very bad message to those who want to destroy our higher education system.

Rowe responded with some epic truth bombs.

He begins by saying that many of the wounds that higher education is suffering from are self-inflicted. He gives examples:

Yesterday, they installed a “Cry Closet” at The University of Utah, where students feeling stressed-out over finals can clutch a stuffed animal and bawl their eyes out in private. Last week, Ranga Jarrar, a professor at Fresno State, called Barbara Bush a witch and a racist the day she died, then bragged to the world that her tenured position meant that she could speak without fear of consequence. Meanwhile, Berkley just banned another speaker with views and ideas their students find “objectionable.” Or was it Yale? Hell, who can keep track anymore?

Rowe is right — the ‘de-platforming’ of non-leftist speakers is now the norm on many college campuses. The conservative groups have to pay more for security due to the risk of violent protests and often have to jump through many hoops to hold their event.

Not to mention that even the most innocuous of speakers, like Canadian Professor, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, who advocates ‘sorting yourself out’ and ‘cleaning your room’ is labeled as ‘far-right’ despite railing against the ‘far-right’ extremists. So is Christina Hoff Sommers for opposing the debunked gender-wage gap. The self-labeled ‘Factual Feminist’ was also chastized on Gizmodo for associating with ‘anti-feminists’, ‘white supremacists’, and, worst of all — Milo Yiannopoulos.

Rowe continues:

Point is, Dawn, the hypocrisy in our educational system is rank, the bias undeniable, the disrespect for our flag ubiquitous, and the entire “safe space” mentality the exact opposite of what life is like in the real world. Higher education has created its own PR nightmare. Is it any wonder parents are trying to figure out if their kids should be sent into such a lopsided environment? Is it any wonder reasonable people are beginning to question the value of a four-year degree?

Then he hits her right in the logic:

Tuition has increased at two and half times the rate of inflation. Nothing else this important has ever done that. Not real estate, energy, food, even healthcare. The question is why? Is the quality of education two and half times better than it was thirty years ago? No way. Are universities turning out more graduates? Hardly. Fifty percent of those who enroll don’t even graduate. Do people have more disposable income today than they used to? Of course not.

No, universities have been able to raise their prices partly because too many parents believe that anything less than a four-year degree will doom their kid to a less productive existence, and partly because we’ve pressured millions of kids to borrow whatever it takes from a bottomless pool of unlimited money that doesn’t really exist. The result? One and a half trillion dollars of student debt, 6.3 million jobs that no one wants to do, and millions of college graduates who can’t find work in their chosen fields – but lack the skill to do the kind of jobs currently available. The kind of jobs you deem, “hard work.”

Rowe sums it all up with what he’s been saying for years:

To answer your question, Dawn, no – my intent is not to make those who choose college feel “ashamed, lazy or brainwashed.” My intent is to remind people that a university is not the only place to enrich your mind or prepare yourself for the real world. Nor is it necessarily the best place. It’s merely the most expensive. Other options exist, including those offered through my scholarship fund. Please feel free to apply, should your position at Oregon University ever vanish. Or, should you one day conclude that work is not the enemy.


PS. This is a short but excellent video from a graduate of Haverford College, who sums it up better that I. Enjoy!


That was perfection.

Here is Rowe’s full post:

Off the WallYesterday, I posted an article that dared to question the universal wisdom of pushing everyone toward a…

Posted by Mike Rowe on Friday, April 27, 2018

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