TRAGIC: Here’s Another Hideous Reason One Should Not Text And Drive

Texting while driving is dangerous. Your text isn’t that important. Here’s one more devastating reminder.

We have constant reminders to not text and drive.

We even have laws against it.

Despite this, people continue to text and drive.

A new program by a police department in Florida is trying to raise awareness a different way — they’re posting signs with the final text of a teen that died due to texting and driving.

Angelina Holloway, 19, died shortly after texting her boyfriend while she was driving. She lost control of the vehicle, hit her head and died.

Citrus County Sheriff’s Office launched the program with the assistance of Holloway’s mother,
Marvalene Corlett, on Tuesday. The program is called #JustDriveCitrus.

The text that she sent just before she died illustrates just how senseless texting and driving is:

Florida police have revealed the text that a 19-year-old woman sent to her boyfriend just moments before she distractedly drove into a tree.

‘I can’t wait to see you this weekend!’ Angelina Holloway text her boyfriend at 2.11pm on April 18, 2016, when she veered off the road in Floral City and crashed her car into a tree.

Angelina died on impact. At 2.15pm, a deputy found her wrecked car.


‘When I found her phone the next day, it was in the rubble in her car under everything,’ Holloway’s mother, Marvalene Corlett, told Fox News.

Now, more than a year later, her death is the focus of an anti-texting and driving campaign in Florida.

‘It was devastating because she knew better,’ Corlett said.

And that’s the thing.

Everyone thinks that they are invincible until something tragic like this happens.

Holloway had her whole life ahead of her. She had graduated high school, was planning on studying psychology at Southeastern University and had made preparations to go to Uganda on a missions trip.

The devastating death of Halloway shows how we’ve changed our behavior as a society and don’t consider the possible consequences of our actions.

Smartphones are ubiquitous and we are so accustomed to instant communication that we don’t even consider that the text can wait.

Deputy Michele Tewell helped launch the campaign that she says usually would focus on DUI awareness.

But with traffic crashes up by 17 per cent in Citrus County, she wanted to include texting and driving awareness.

‘I want it to hit the heart. I want them to see that it’s a reality, that it does happen,’ Tewell told Fox.

Tewell said Angelina’s death affected the teen’s family and friends, adding that texting and driving is ‘not worth it’.
Source: Daily Mail

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