Total BS: Corrupt, Trump Hating, FBI Agents ‘Lost’ 5 Months Of Texts Messages – Yes, We Said, ‘5 Months’

Are you tired of the ‘Russian Collusion’ investigation that has turned up nothing but anti-Trump bias in the FBI and the DOJ? Well, check out this latest development… it could mean an end to it all.

The 5 months worth of ‘lost’ text messages between anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok and his anti-Trump DOJ lawyer mistress, Lisa Page, could be enough evidence to point to a politically-motivated scheme against President Trump, and his lawyers could use that as the basis to dismiss the Mueller probe into ‘Russian collusion’ that has yet to implicate Trump.

At least, that’s according to legal experts.

It also means that there is rampant partisan corruption in the FBI.

But hey, at least it’s being exposed. It’s not like that’s a surprise after the way they let Hillary and her co-conspirators off the hook for the ‘grossly negligent’ handling of classified documents.

Law & Crime reports:

Strzok has already been outed as anti-Trump, leading to his dismissal from the probe, and his past communications with Page showed a potential Justice Department bias towards Hillary Clinton. The fact that now nearly half a year’s worth of text messages between Strzok and Page during the time leading up to Robert Mueller‘s appointment as Special Counsel weren’t preserved by the Justice Department will surely fuel motions from Team Trump’s lawyers against the investigation.

Months of text messages don’t just accidentally disappear. One past conversation between Strzok and Page indicated that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch knew there would be no charges filed against Clinton well before that investigation ended. Given the significant evidence of impropriety in the Clinton case, a foregone conclusion of innocence before the FBI wrapped up their investigation looks shady at best. Trump’s lawyers will surely argue that after those messages came to light, the DOJ intentionally “lost” those five months’ worth of other messages.

The report came before another revelation — the text messages the day after the election referenced a ‘secret society’ determined to keep President-elect Trump from becoming President Trump.

Paul Manafort might just jump all over this as he is already fighting the indictment that was handed down in the Russian-collusion probe.

Now, although lawyers may be able to argue politically-motivated bias, it would be unlikely that missing text messages alone would be enough to dismiss the case. It does, however, make things extremely difficult for the investigation.

FBI Agent Strzok was reportedly heading up the Manafort investigation before he was taken off the Mueller probe. Manafort’s attorney might try to say that the missing text messages could contain exculpatory evidence (or evidence favorable to the defendant) and therefore the court should get to the bottom of what the two said. However, two former federal prosecutors who spoke to Law&Crime both contend it would be difficult to get the entire indictment dismissed based on the text messages alone.

“It depends on what FBI’s retention policy is for text messages. It does certainly raise questions as to how these five months came up missing,” explained Bill Thomas, a former federal prosecutor. “However, the court is not going to just dismiss the case. If it comes to it, the judge may hold a hearing to get to that information through calling witnesses. Dismissal is the nuclear option, it would have to be something very very egregious for a court to dismiss the case.”

The same would go for any future defendants in the case. If other members of the Trump campaign gets hit with charges, they’ll just throw these missing texts back as evidence that the probe was tainted from the beginning.
Source: Law & Crime

Of course, the article doesn’t take into account the other problems surrounding the investigation.

Strzok and Page discussed an ‘insurance policy’ in case Trump was elected.

Check out this thorough report on that here:

Visual Map Of The Cabal Behind ‘Trump Dossier’ Will Never Be Aired On CNN

And the recent FISA memo that multiple Republican lawmakers have read and demanded its immediate release to the public.

So, maybe a little ‘swamp draining’ and these new pieces of information will finally bring an end to the pointless ‘Russian collusion’ investigation.

And then maybe an investigation into the corruption of the Obama FBI and DOJ can begin…

Even Mark Twain wanted to drain the swamp!

“Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason” – Mark Twain.

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