After Three Months The Vegas Massacre Is Still An Evil Mystery – Are We Being Played?

Doug Giles has an opinion on the weirdness that is the Las Vegas Massacre investigation.  You NEED to see this.

You shouldn’t be surprised.

ClashDaily’s Big Dawg always has an opinion.

Doug always has a riveting take on the big news stories.

Not that this has been a ‘big news story’ lately.

It’s been three months and we’ve still got nada on how Stephen Paddock pulled this off or his motive for mass murder of concert goers.

The investigation into the Las Vegas Massacre is beyond weird.

Check out Doug’s vid where he enumerates some of the things that set off his B.S. detector:

Doug’s not the only one.

Tucker Carlson has noticed, and he has some questions that need answering.

There’s been some strange goings-on surrounding the Las Vegas Massacre, and the more time goes by, the weirder it gets.

Tucker Carlson dropped another weirdness bombshell last night on his show.

It seems that Jesus Campos — the only witness who was shot by Stephen Paddock — left the country days after the shooting in a rented car and returned a week later.


Here are the many, many unanswered questions:

1. Why did the authorities allow the only witness to leave the country just days after the shooting when the investigation was still chaotic and ongoing?

2. How did Campos, with a gunshot wound from a high-powered rifle, manage to travel to Mexico? Did he fly? Did he drive?

3. Was his employer aware that he had left the country?

4. Were the investigators aware that he had left the country?

5. Did his employer facilitate the trip?

6. What day did Campos get to Mexico?

7. How was he able to drive back hundreds of miles from the San Diego border to Las Vegas with an injured leg?

8. Why did he take a rental car instead of his own car?

9. If the union knew that Campos was going out of the country on a ‘pre-planned visit’, why did it take a government leak to let the public know? I’d like to add my own question in here — If the union knew about it, then why was the head of the union so concerned when Campos ‘disappeared’ the day before his scheduled interviews?

10. Why has MGM been so intent on controlling access to Campos by booking him on Ellen and shielding him from press inquiries?

11. Why did he appear with a co-worker on Ellen rather than solo?

12. Why did Ellen ask only leading softball questions?

13. Why have so many people gone to so much trouble to shape the story of Jesus Campos?

14. When NBC spoke to Jesus Campos on October 4, was he in Mexico at the time? Did NBC know where he was?

15. What do we actually know about him?

16. Is Campos a licensed Security Guard?

17. Why won’t the authorities answer basic questions about him? And why did the spokesperson get angry at the Tucker Carlson Show’s staff member when asked what the requirements are to be a security guard in Las Vegas?

18. Does Jesus Campos have a criminal record?

19. What exactly was his job description for the Mandalay Bay Hotel?

20. Did he ever have previous contact with Stephen Paddock?

21. How exactly was Campos injured?

22. If he was hit by a bullet from an AR-15 style rifle round, how could he then drive 700 miles to the Mexican border and back to Las Vegas such a short time later?

23. How did Stephen Paddock get access to the hotel’s freight elevator?

24. How many other hotel guests have access to it?

25. Does surveillance video show Paddock entering the freight elevator alone or with others?

26. Had he used that elevator before? If so, how often and why was he using it?

27. Had Steven Paddock ever appeared on the radar of the FBI?

28. Why did it take a month for investigators to reveal that the hard drive from Paddock’s computer has been removed?

29. When did they know the hard drive was missing — right away, or did they just discover this?

30. One of Paddock’s brothers was arrested on child pornography charges — was that related to this case or a separate investigation?

31. How many relatives does Stephen Paddock have? Was he in regular contact with them? Did they have any reason to believe that he was planning an attack?

32. Where is Paddock’s girlfriend now?

So many questions and very few answers.

It seems as days go by, there are just more questions and even fewer answers.

The timeline has changed several times.

Authorities are concerned about conspiracy theories.

The public wants answers. This was an attack on American soil by an American. And we still don’t know why.

We all want answers.

Doug Giles doesn’t have the answers to the Vegas Massacre, but he does have a bunch of answers to other issues here:

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