This Young Lady’s ‘Addiction’ Makes Hugh Hefner Look Like A Penitent Monk

Some guys joke about wanting to date a girl like this, but even SHE is saying that it was destroying her.

Feminists who like to beat men down might want to pay particular attention to what Nadia Bokody says here…

‘Growing up I never had a stable male role model in my life, so when I became a young adult I was looking to romantic relationships for that,’ she said.

Maybe dads DO matter after all! Imagine that. If only somebody had raised that point before. It makes you wonder how many other lives are, in some way, broken for that exact same reason.

The recovering sex addict had six or seven men on rotation. That’s besides casual hookups.

Nothing astronomical, she said. She’d have sex six or seven times a day. And not usually more than one or two people a day.

She sometimes even left work to hook up at her place with strangers — which is risky for all kinds of reasons.

Although some people may think that having lots of sex sounds like a dream, for Nadia it was having a negative impact on her life.

‘It came to a point where it was really affecting my ability to go about my day… I was finding it very difficult to focus at work and at one point I left on my lunch break to have a casual encounter with someone I had just met online,’ she previously told The Morning Show.

Having that encounter was very lonely and very empty and I realised it wasn’t filling me at all.’

‘We are quite comfortable with thinking of addiction as something that’s tied to something quite tangible, like an illicit substance or alcohol, but we have a very hard time as a society accepting that people can be addicted to something less tangible, like love or sex,’ she explained.

‘But addiction is a cerebral process, it’s got very little to do with the substance of choice and so much more to do with chasing that high, that dopamine hit that we all get when we engage in something pleasurable.’
Source: DailyMail

Doesn’t sound like she was ‘having fun’ or was ‘in control’ does it?

Maybe that’s becuase sex was never designed to meet that particular need. Something else was.

If you’re going to look somewhere for value and a sense of identy, pleasure doesn’t take you very far down that road. You’ll want something bigger, more substantial.

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