If You Think The Vegas Killer Acted ALONE – This Might Change YOUR Mind

Police are looking for an accomplice he was seen with in his last days.

There are questions we’ve been asking for a while…

Remember the woman who warned the front row of the concert that ‘everyone was going to die tonight’ roughly 45 minutes before the shooting started?

That sounds like inside information. And if his girlfriend was out of country at the time… who was she?

Presumably hotel cameras would have some clue, right? After all, we’ve got room service receipts indicating a second person present.

Was that person an accomplice in the shooting itself? In transforming the hotel suite to a hardened sniper’s nest? In bringing up 10 suitcases full of military-grade hardware?

Would a second participant explain why two windows were blown out, and it looked like multiple sniper positions, and why some believed that the amount of firepower unleashed in that window of time was more than a single person could have delivered?

One of the objections to the ‘working alone’ theory is described here:

Even highly trained Navy Seals would have a difficult time running a full auto weapon for 10 minutes straight. Such weapon systems are brutal on the operator. They require tremendous strength, stamina and expert troubleshooting to keep running. Full-auto weapons overheat and jam. They demand incredible strength to keep aimed on target. They require expert reloading and weapons clearing in the case of jams, and the hotel room would have been so full of smoke and powder residue that it would be almost impossible to keep breathing from that enclosed space. —Natural News

And why was there Tannerite in his car, together with ammonium nitrate? Was he planning to set off a car bomb? Since police said it looked like he was planning an escape, was that intended as a distraction for his getaway?

And how did a guy with no lawn in Las Vegas buy fertalizer without anyone noticing?

Did you know that the fuel tanks filled with aviation fuel just beyond the concert had bullet damage to them?


Also on Thursday, it emerged that the crowds at the Route 91 festival were not Paddock’s only targets on Sunday: He’d also attempted to detonate tanks of jet fuel close to the event.
The tanks are roughly two blocks away from the Mandalay Bay Resort and 1,100 feet from the concert site, and contain jet fuel for the nearby Los Angeles International Airport, The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.
They are perfectly in line with the second window that Paddock broke in a suite adjoining his main sniper’s nest, around 2,000 feet away.
Paddock had successfully managed to hit the tanks, but had failed to penetrate them, a source with knowledge of the investigation said.
The FBI had inspected the tanks and made measurements, and they have since been repaired. —DailyMail

Or that he had rented a room overlooking another festival (Life Is Beautiful) the previous weekend?

A lot of things don’t add up.

Many of his weapons still can’t be accounted for. Where did they come from? And can you imagine the hell that would break loose of any of them were tied to Mexican cartels — or worse, Fast and Furious?

How did someone who was ‘not a gun guy’ and who had ‘no formal training’ and who didn’t have so much as a criminal record manage to pull something like this off unnoticed?

And what about the Sheriff’s use of the word ‘radicalized’? How much should we read into that?

So many questions. And here’s another one:

Here is the latest press conference by the LVMPD:

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