BREAKING: FNC Officially Fires Eric Bolling – But That’s Nothing Compared To What Happened To His Son

We wouldn’t wish this on anybody…


This story originally reported the updates on Bollings’ Professional life. That was before the announcement about the tragedy that struck his family.

Eric Chase Bolling, son of former Fox News host Eric Bolling, reportedly died on Friday night, shortly after Fox News announced it would be ending its relationship with his father. Multiple sources are now reporting the death as a suicide.
Eric Bolling’s son, who went by “Chase” on Facebook, was his only child. According to Chase Bolling’s Facebook profile, he was studying economics at the University of Colorado at Boulder. — Fortune

The ‘suicide’ verdict may be premature, however, going by Bolling’s own Twitter post.

Most of the twitter responses on the topic of the loss of his son were suitably gracious — offering condolences and support — and we are pleased to say that there were tons of such messages.

Even Twitter, it seems, can have a sensitive side from time to time.

But, predictably there were ignorant ones like this, as well:

There are two separate stories here. The one about Bolling’s professional life, and the one about the tragic loss of his son.

– Precisely.

*end update*

Burned before, it looks like Fox isn’t playing around.

The claims are, at least three coworkers have seen more of Eric than they had ever intended to.

Photos of the 54-year-old were sent, they say, as unsolicited texts from the married Eric Bolling. The nasty kind of photo.

‘Fox News Channel is canceling The Specialists, and Eric Bolling and Fox have agreed to part ways amicably,’ a network spokesperson told
‘We thank Eric for his ten years of service to our loyal viewers and wish him the best of luck.’
After the allegations emerged back in August, Bolling had maintained his innocence and tweeted: ‘I will continue to fight against these false smear attacks! THANK YOU FOR CONTINUED SUPPORT’. —DailyMail

Fox is cutting ties. Hardly surprising, since they’ve had several other high-profile harassment cases that hammered their reputation.

One of the women replied to the 54-year-old anchor instructing him to never send her photos of male genitalia ever again; he reportedly did not respond.
A dozen sources told Huffington Post that at least two of Bolling’s female colleagues at Fox Business and one at Fox News received the photos of male genitalia from Bolling.
The identities of the women have not been released to the public. Bolling had previously denied all allegations against him. —DailyMail

Of course, ‘The Specialists’ had other hosts besides himself. His scandal hurt them, too.

Not only is the show cut, but it has already been scrubbed from the lineup on their website.

They’re not just ‘cutting ties’. They are making the show ‘as if it never existed’.

Is this the right play? Or do you accept Bolling’s claims of innocence at face value?

Share if — guilty or innocent — at least it’s good that Fox doesn’t take such charges lightly.

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