‘We’re Being Teared Down From In The WH’: Has This Redskins Player Been Playing Without A Helmet?

How did he manage to cram SO much stupid into one 48-second clip?

Are we SURE this guy was speaking English? Because… wow. Public school owes this guy an apology. Hemmingway, this guy is NOT.

But we’ll do our best to untangle his nonsense and give you an English translation of what Redskins Player Josh Norman was spouting off about.

Redskins' Josh Norman on national anthem protests

"I respect the office, I respect the troops of America. My family fought in the war. And like I said before, it's not about the flag. It's not. It's not about anything like that. It's not about black or white. It's about what we're being faced with right now, and that's being teared down– from in the White House." – Washington Redskins' Josh Norman on protests during the national anthem. STORY:

Posted by Fox 5 DC on Monday, September 25, 2017

Here goes. Quoting verbatim:

“this man, and this country, you know, you got to stand for somethin’. You fall for nothing.”

[Or maybe he said ‘anything’? Hard to tell, he mumbled it.]

You HAVE to. And when the man calls you out like that [unintelligible] he’s supposed to be President of America… he’s supposed to be… calls you out like that as a group… and it’s more things going on in this world…? That’s first

(Clip cuts, and carries on)

Mess with one, you’re messin’ with us all… I’m jus tellin’ you right now… Man’s not welcome here in Washington D.C…. he’s not… hope he won’t be around when I see him… he’s not welcome… I respect the office, I respect the troops of America, my family fought in the war, an like I said before, it’s not about the flag… it’s not… it’s not about anything like that.. it’s not about black and white… it’s about what we’re being faced with right now… an that’s bein’ teared down… from in da White House.

What a mess.

OK, here goes:

The President Called You out. Becuase, from the beginning, this protest has been EXPLICITLY antagonistic to things we love. We love our Flag, and what it represents. We were EXPLICITLY told it was a symbol of oppression. Told us that the cops like the ones that got shot dead trying to protect a BLM march in Dallas are ‘getting away with murder’.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” —NFL

Yeah, we’re not really cool with that kind of overheated rhetoric. That claim is not even statistically legitimate. The propaganda claim itself won’t stand up to scrutiny. Colin even cheered Fidel Castro… since you like to talk about ‘oppression’.

You got called out. All of you. By the President.

Poor babies. That’s because he IS the President. Of all of us. Even the unfortunate slobs who don’t get million dollar paydays for throwing a pigskin.

If you don’t WANT the protest to ‘be about the flag’… stop MAKING it about the flag.

Do something ELSE, something that doesn’t rub dog crap in the face of every fan who still LOVES America (for all her imperfections) or has BLED or lost limbs for America. Or the fans who have received one of those folded flag that draped the casket of their child.

Are there issues that need fixing? Sure. But this isn’t solving a single one of them. It’s actually conditioning people to be hostile to anything you have to say about it, moron.

We happend to ALSO notice that this is also the same kind of folded flag that fallen COPS get when killed in the line of duty.

There was supposed to be a moment BEFORE the teams clash. A moment of unity. A moment where Cities, Teams and Ethnicity don’t matter, and just the fact that we are AMERICAN matters.

And you can’t seem to figure out why we think this publicity stunt is DIVISIVE???

You got called out. Becuase you’ve been insulting those who DO stand for something. People like Miosotis Familia — remember her? Look her up. Better yet, visit her gravesite. SHE was busy trying to make the kind of difference you are calling for. But she’s dead now.

There’s ‘more things going on in this world?’

Have you noticed that publicity stunts like these help energize actual hate groups that commit real violence?

Look up some of the Antifa protests some time. They agree completely with Kapernick about police. That’s why they keep injuring cops at protests. Broken jaws, separated shoulders… throwing bricks and bottles. These ARE the ‘more things going on in this world’.

‘Messing with us all?’ Should someone be scared? What exactly are you suggesting you could do him?

Check your gate receipts and ratings. Your threats are empty. If nobody shows up, or watches the game on TV, nobody pays your salaries. If you found some other way to make your case, one that didn’t crap all over your fans, people might actually Listen.

Better not see him? Again — what EXACTLY are you suggesting would happen to the President even if he DID give you the time of day?

As for what he meant by “it’s about what we’re being faced with right now… an that’s bein’ teared down… from in da White House”

‘He’s not welcome in DC’. What???

No, seriously, are you high?

Trump is not ‘WELCOME’ in DC??? Like you somehow get to have a say in that?

He asked the opinion of the entire country, chucklehead, and the Electoral College came back with a pretty clear answer. #POTUS45

If you’d like to pretend he’s not your president like the brain-dead media types, by all means, go ahead. There are plenty of other morons in DC doing the same thing.

But if your ratings circle the toilet because you just HAD to make this political? Don’t blame Trump for that.

That’s on you.

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