A SUPERCANE? Hurricane Irma Could Turn Into The Most VICIOUS Hurricane Ever – Wiping Out Cities

Irma’s sustained winds have ALREADY edged higher than Katrina’s. And the warm ocean could build it even higher.

This storm is already a legitimate monster. But with the warm water it’s sitting on, it could go even higher.

‘Retiree candidate.’

Definitely not the sort of langauge anyone in its crosshairs wants to be hearing.

Irma is “starting to give me that uncomfortable feeling in my gut,” wrote meteorologist Brendan Moses on Twitter. Another meteorologist, Michael Ventrice, said some of the initial modeling of Irma output “the highest windspeed forecasts I’ve ever seen in my 10 yrs of Atlantic hurricane forecasting.” Even the National Hurricane Center forecaster tasked with constructing the storm’s official forecast was surprised by how “uncommonly strong” Irma already is.

Hurricane Irma is what meteorologists call a “Cape Verde hurricane,” named after the African island nation just west of Senegal — an infamous late-summer breeding ground for powerful long-track storms. Some of the most notorious hurricanes ever to make U.S. landfall were born near where Irma generated. —Grist

Here are the most probable tracks as we see them at present.

Florida and the East Coast will likely take a serious beating.

Ditto for Cuba and Hispanolia.

But we don’t know for sure it’s going to hang a right at Florida.

It could barrel right through into the Gulf.

Which is NOT what people still reeling from Harvey will want to hear right now.

But they need to be ready.

Just in case.

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