Storm Ravaged, Puerto Rico, Praises Trump – Watch The Coven Of The View React!

Becuase, for them, any issue worth discussing, is worth weaponizing against Trump…

Surprisingly, this time, it wasn’t Whoopi or Joy who had their knives out for Trump.

(This time)

Some of you will have noticed that in the past few days the Media (D) have been throwing up some trial balloons about Puerto Rico.

Again and again we’ve heard the pundits ask the question ‘Is this Trump’s Katrina’.

(The ‘oh please, oh please, oh PLEEEASE let it be Trump’s Katrina’ is — of course — implied.)

Which in one sense, is a dumb question, really. Becuase ‘Bush’s Katrina’ was not even HIS Katrina. It was a failure of infrastructure, a failure of local and state levels of leadership, and a few other things. But none of that REALLY matters, does it?

Insofar as they could use Katrina to politically kneecap Bush, it was ‘his’ Katrina.

And Maria is no different. When they ask ‘is Trump doing enough’… it is not a question asked in a constructive sense. They are not REALLY hoping for a ‘yes’ answer. Nor are they hoping for ‘he’s doing a good job, but we’re waiting for this or that piece to fall into place.’

Based on what EVERY other show they’ve talked about the President looks like… they’re hoping for bad news to lay at Trump’s feet.

It was Sara Haines who asked Gov Rosello the ‘Trump’ question. Do you think she was happy with his answer?

Earlier, we saw a clip of President Trump saying the White House is doing a great job. How do you think they’re doing in terms of response? Do you think it’s enough?

Well, certainly, here are the two components we need to consider. Number one, the President has been in contact with me almost on a daily basis. He’s aware of the devastation. I thank him for issuing emergency declarations, issuing disaster declarations verbally as the storm was hitting Puerto Rico. He has also given instructions to FEMA and other federal agencies to help Puerto Rico. So that effort is ongoing, and it’s very good. It’s very effective.

He went on to say the problems are not due to ineffective Government action so much as bottlenecks and obstacles directly relating to the how their infrastructure was shattered by the storm.

It’s not as though the Coven at the view were the only ones to try to cudgel the President with Hurricane Maria.

Their dearest leader put down her Chardonnay long enough to embarrass herself on Twitter.

Oh. Great! Did she get any facts before she shot off her damn mouth?

Spoiler alert, this is Hillary we’re talking about.

But now that we have your attention, Hillary, Twitter has a couple of questions for you.

And a WHOLE lot of questions about Benghazi. But they tend to be REALLY angry… and laced with a lot of profanity.

Share if you’d LOVE to see them hammer Hillary as hard as they do Trump… even once.

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