STL Cops Taunt Rioters With A Chant Of Their Own — Brass Was Not Amused

The rioters got a taste of their own medicine.

If you thought we’d be giving thugs and rioters ‘room to destroy’ in the Trump Era, guess again.

These days, the cops aren’t waiting until things get out of control before they step in.

Maybe it was watching some of their own get hit with bricks and bottles. Getting broken Jaws and separated shoulders.

But In the St Louis protests/riots, the cops aren’t putting up with a lot of crap.

According to the tweets by protesters themselves, the cops are getting pretty efficient at what they’re doing.

And when they’d ended the rioters’ ‘fun’, the cops are said to have come back with a chant of their own:

David Carson, a reporter at the St Louis Post-Dispatch, said he had heard police chanting the slogan during Sunday night’s clashes.

Footage of the incident appeared to confirm his and other reporters’ accounts, though the video remains inconclusive.

Mr Carson said on Twitter: “I spoke with the commander at the scene, he said he did not hear the chant, but said chant was not acceptable, said he would deal with it.” St Louis police have been contacted for comment. — Independent

SOMEBODY is obviously chanting ‘whose streets’, ‘Our streets’.

Is it the cops, or is it the thugs?

What do you think of the cops standing with one voice and shouting back to the mob, that LAW and ORDER will win the day here?

Do you find that ‘objectionable’? Or is that a smart way to offset any psychological unity and groupthink that comes with the rioters’ Mob behavior?

What do you think about the Brass saying he’s going to ‘deal with it’.

Is he being ‘professional’, or is he being miserably PC?

Cop chants, angry brass, mob behavior… there’s a lot of room for opinon in the comment section. Let the fur fly!

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