Starbucks Sells High Priced Coffee With A Shot Of Racism

We thought Starbucks managed to dodge the bullet on the latest race dustup. Nope, the plot just thickened.

Only yesterday, we were all talking about the Measures the CEO was putting in place as (let’s call it by its name: damage control) after two black men were led out of a Starbucks in Philly, because they used the washroom, and were waiting for another friend to arrive before they ordered.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson Will Order Training Of Staff To Address ‘Unconscious Bias’

Sometimes it helps to get out ahead of a story. But now, everyone’s got a camera in their pocket. And that makes everyone potentially a photojournalist. In this case, that was bad news for Starbucks and their damage control efforts.

Here is the latest incident to hit social media. The guy filming is named Brandon Ward, and the Starbucks in question is in Torrance, Los Angeles.

The guy holding the camera met Weston, and had the bathroom code before he made his purchase. But he was NOT given the same code, because he had not made a purchase.

(What’s less clear is whether he was given it, or if he remembered it from a previous visit.)

Here is the original post that went viral of the two black men arrested for sitting in a Starbucks waiting for a friend:

The hashtag backlash has already begun.

People are angry.

One of them went so far as Doxxing the Philly manager they were mad at. (No, we’re not posting that tweet.)

What we don’t yet know are how hard the boycott will it bite, and how long will it last.

Maybe being on the receiving end of it might make Starbucks rethink their commitment to ‘progressive’ causes that are just a little too fond of jackboot tactics.

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