Star Wars Dude Takes On Ted Cruz Over ‘Net Neutrality’ – Who Won?

This is hilarious.  And kind of nerdy. But still hilarious.

The disagreements over who is right and who is wrong when it comes to ‘Net Neutrality’ is one that has been going on since 2015 when it was introduced.

Most of us hadn’t heard of the term until this fall when the Obama-era regulation was on the chopping block of the Trump administration.

‘Why would anyone want to repeal ‘Net Neutrality’?  Doesn’t anyone care about the little guy?’ whimpered the big-government leftists.

The pro-Net Neutrality crowd are almost apocalyptic as Nancy Pelosi was about the proposed tax cuts.

‘The internet will be destroyed!’

‘We’re all going to die!’

‘Where will we get our million years of porn?’ (That’s a million years worth of porn watching since 2015, by the way.)

The massive online Pornography industry is one that would the biggest beneficiaries of so-called ‘Net Neutrality’.  That’s why PornHub joined the fight to keep it

Star Wars actor, Mark Hamill, doesn’t say anything about porn, instead, he attacks FCC chairman, Ajit Pai for his cutesy video that attempts to dispell some myths about Net Neutrality.  Hamill’s issue?  Pai wasn’t acting ‘Jedi-like’ in his defense of nixing Net Neutrality and was therefore unworthy to wield a lightsabre.

If that’s not ridiculous enough, a sitting Senator decided to call out Luke Skywalker on his nonsense.

Sen. Ted Cruz couldn’t let that slide, so he called out the Star Wars actor with a legit ‘Rebel Yell’:

Aaand here’s where Hamill mentioned porn:

I’m not sure what ‘smarm-spaining’ is, but I think that’s a typo for ‘smarm-splaining’ which would have been an insult if it hadn’t been Hamill being the smarmy one.

Cruz responds again with more Star Wars references.

It seems that he has a better understanding of the world than the actor that played the iconic character, Luke.

Hamill was pretty clear that either you’re with Net Neutrality and the ‘little guy’ or you’re for ditching it and siding with the ‘giant corporations’.

That seems like an absolute choice, doesn’t it?

Perhaps Ted Cruz should have posted this and shut him up once and for all:

And to that, I say:

(After all, a dorky series of tweets needs an equally dorky gif.)

What do you think? Who won in this Twitter war?

Star Wars Dude Takes On Ted Cruz Over ‘Net Neutrality’ – Who Won?

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