Speculation Swirls About The ‘Real Reason’ The Oscars Dumped Both Polanski And Cosby

The Cos? A newly-minted criminal conviction is a pretty compelling reason. Polanski, on the other hand..?

As soon as that gavel slammed down on Cosby’s verdict, his days at ‘The Academy’ were numbered.

A criminal conviction for the drugging and molesting of defenseless women is not easily ignored.

Not when your name is Bill Cosby, anyway.

Even the great and powerful Harvey Weinstein got an uncerimonious boot.

But if your name is Roman Polanski, well, then you can drug and be convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl with impunity.

You can even have women defend him by saying that drugging and molesting a thirteen-year-old girl wasn’t ‘rape-rape‘. (Even though that same woman would gladly have called down fire and brimstone to rain on the head of a would-be Senator who once wanted to date a seventeen-year-old.)

Until just now, Roman Polanski was hailed as a suffering exile. A misunderstood genius.

Some of the loudest #MeToo virtue signalers were recent converts. Not that long ago, they stood in praise of their hero, Polanski.

When he was given the Best Director award for the Pianist the entire room exploded in applause. Streep was one of the first to stand. She also once lamented his being in jail.

There was even a petition signed more than 100 Hollywood personalities with a ‘free Polanski’ objective.

Now that the #MeToo environment has pressured Hollywood to take the abuse of women more seriously, they didn’t dare ignore Cosby.

Why did they pick NOW to turn on Polanski when they didn’t even throw him overboard when Weinstein got turfed?

Here are two people couldn’t possibly disagree more on almost every topic under the sun. But somehow, they both reached the same conclusion about what REALLY drives this decision.

Or is that just a coincidence?

We’ll leave that for our readers to decide.

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