Special Ed Teacher’s ‘Special Request’ Of 8th Grader Should Land Her In Jail

Can you imagine the outrage if activists were as quick to denounce TEACHER abuses of authority as they are to denounce the police?

Stories like this make you wonder whether Van Halen’s hit could ever have been made today.

That ‘Hot For Teacher’ music video only made sense because young teenage boys knew that the feelings a cute teacher stirred in them could never have an outlet.

Oh, what a difference 30 years can make.

A 28-year-old teacher was indicted on Thursday for allegedly soliciting an eighth grade student at her all-boys’ school in Texas.
Rebecca Goerdel, a special education teacher at the Young Men’s Leadership Academy of Kennedy Middle School in Grand Prairie in Texas, was arrested on March 11 after officials reported her to the police. — DailyMail

Special education? We don’t think it was supposed to be THAT ‘special’.

Administrators accused Goerdel of engaging in an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with a student at the school, which is less than ten miles from Dallas, WFAA-TV reported.
An arrest warrant alleges that Goerdel ‘sat on his lap in her car and they made out,’ but never had sex.
The relationship was said to have started in January, when Goerdel allegedly sent the student a photo of her as she was lying naked in a tanning bed.
Goerdel allegedly asked the boy to draw a portrait of her. — DailyMail

Fortunately, she’s facing charges.

On March 11, a police officer sent a text message to Goerdel from the student’s phone.
She is alleged to have responded with an invitation to spend the night with her.

That’s just nasty.

Why are so many news stories about teachers getting busy with their underage students?

When a cop even SNEEZES the wrong way, there is a public outcry.

When there is news about religious orders abusing their trust in this way, there is a public outcry.

But with story after story about teachers sexually exploiting teenage students?

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