These SOTU Tweets By Independent Voters Beautifully Depict Why The Dems Are Screwed!

We knew the Dems would hate the speech, their minds were already made up. But the independents? Their response was pretty amazing!

Naturally, we begin with all the blah-blah-blah not a scientific poll and all that. But that wasn’t the point. It was the feedback on the CBS site. They’re hardly a hard-right news source, and they put forward a series of graphics giving reactions to the SOTU speech. The tweets that followed were interesting.

Here was a tweet about the overall reaction to the speech:

Those are some strong numbers, especially in light of the endless seething hatred that’s been spewed at Trump for the last couple of years.

So much #winning.

And now you can reflect that winning in your gift-giving.

What’s not to like? They get a gift, and you get to crow about just how good Trump’s first year has been.

It’s win-win, right? Heck yeah.

Where would you get such a wonderful gift? We’re glad you asked.

It’s right here –> Trump $100 Bill

Or maybe when you give it, they’re uptight and have no sense of ha-ha.

We’ve got something for that, too.

Give them a book.

But not just ‘any’ book.

Give them something that can help them get over their serious case of Trump-derangement Butthurt.

Tell them they can use that Hundred Dollar Bill as a bookmark.

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