What Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach Just Said About Guns In America PROVES Drugs Cause Brain Damage

The self-proclaimed life-long cannabis smoker weighed in on American politics and guns. Did he REALLY think that was a good idea?

Oh, right — pothead.

Sebastian Bach, former lead singer of 80s hair metal band, Skid Row, was interviewed by a rock magazine, The Rockpit to discuss his upcoming appearance in Australia.

Bach is doing this tour solo. Skid Row has replaced him with another lead singer and is playing small clubs.

And, well, this could explain why the rest of Skid Row isn’t in any hurry to reunite with Bach and cash in on the big nostalgia stadium tours like other hair bands have done recently.

Sebastian Bach is bat-guano crazy.

And he weighed in on things that he obviously knew absolutely nothing about.

First, a little back-story.

Sebastian Bach had joined with Ted Nugent, Jason Bonham, Scott Ian, Ted Nugent and Evan Seinfeld on VH1’s Supergroup in 2006. In Bach’s 2016 memoir, he spoke about an alleged incident that was not on camera, where the Nuge went off on a racist rant on the set of the reality show, forcing Bach to come to the defense of the entire African American community.

This caused some friction between Bach and Nugent, and there was a bit of a war of words.

Bach said that Nugent was a ‘f***ing racist’, and Ted said that Sebastian was ‘stupid’, ‘inconsequential’, ‘weak’, and smokes so much weed that he confuses reality with fantasy.

Bach was asked if he heard from Ted after the conflict, which led him right into weighing in on politics, and other things he doesn’t comprehend.

Well you know what’s going on here politically in America these days is completely polarizing. And (sighs) you know I can’t even turn the phone on some days without seeing all the bad shitty news that is endless ever since Donald Trump came into office. It’s like I can’t even keep up with the misery of what’s happening in the world and there’s really only one side to be on, you know, with what’s happening with climate change – if we don’t stop this our kids are not going to have a place to live! So it’s got to the point now where we really can’t allow this; the same goes for gun control, and everybody knows the NRA is ridiculous to allow, you know machine guns on sale at Walmart – it’s insane! So if I speak up and give my opinion and someone else who supports Donald Trump doesn’t like that I take that as a badge of honour! (laughs)

Because I’m not into all these things, I’m not into racism, I’m not into guns, I’m not into denying climate change like a moron. I’m not into that shit so if that pisses somebody off – good! That’s the way I feel. I have a ten year old daughter who I can’t imagine what the climate is gonna be for her when she’s 50. So what some person on the internet thinks doesn’t men shit to me, my daughter means something to me.
Source: The Rockpit

So, Bach believes that man has caused the climate to change and that we can fix it with a wave of a magic wand.


How about Bach works on reducing his carbon footprint by not flying via private jet, cancel all the big tours, and sell his house, and take public transit, because that would make a difference for his daughter’s future, amirite?


He’s all upset about the NRA and wants lotsa gun control so he decides to rant about that for a bit.

The NRA ‘allows’ Walmart to sell ‘machine guns’?

What exactly does the NRA have to do with what Walmart stocks on its shelves?

Does Bach believe that the NRA is forcing Walmart or other retailers to carry ‘machine guns’?

Walmart doesn’t sell ‘machine guns’. Nor do other retailers in the United States.

Fully-automatic rifles are heavily restricted and highly regulated which makes them out of reach for most Americans.

But hey, why confuse him with facts?

He doesn’t care what those evil, racist, Trump-supporters think.

This is the part of the article that would normally have one of those memes that reads, ‘Go home, Sebastian, you’re drunk.’ But that would probably be true and the humor would be lost.

Instead, here’s what we think of Sebastian Bach’s opinion on guns, climate change, and politics:

Bro, you’re the new poster boy for not doing drugs.


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