SCOTUS: Could Trump Be Appointing A Second Judge?

Rumors are flying now that another judge could be stepping down.

If They hate everything Trump stands for already, can imagine their reaction if another Conservative judge gets the nod?

Kennedy has given no public sign that he will retire this year and give Donald Trump a second high court pick in the first months of his administration, which would allow conservatives to take firm control of the court.

But the justice turns 81 next month and has been on the court for nearly 30 years. Several of his former clerks have said they thought he was contemplating stepping down in the next year or so. Kennedy and his clerks were gathering over the weekend for a reunion that was pushed forward a year, fuelling suggestions that he might be leaving the court.

The Liberals were so very sure they were going to be filling the seat that Gorsuch is in. They were going to get the upper hand in the courts and put another activist judge in that seat.

But that plan fell apart one night in November.

Now? They could be losing Kennedy, too.

And can you imagine their rage if another judge who values the Constitution joins SCOTUS?

They would lose their minds.

It’s still speculation at this point, yes.

But wouldn’t it be great if it turns out that it’s true?

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