‘The Science Guy’ Bill Nye Tries To Link Irma To Global Warming – Watch Him Fail Miserably

Bill Nye does ‘Science’ like CNN does news. Made up nonsense with a side of propaganda.

Somehow, the Mechanical Engineer who wore a lab coat on kids television is taken for an authority on ‘science’.

It must be the ‘science guy’ moniker. Or maybe the dopey Bow-tie.

But even SNOPES doesn’t have his back so far as his credentials go.

There was a meme comparing Bill Nye’s qualification as ‘scientist’ to Dolf Lundgren, the same blonde actor who traded punches with Stallone in Rocky IV.

Bill Nye has become even MORE of a laughingstock with his Netflix show which, among other intellectually stimulating work has a sexually charged innuendo-driven piece about ice cream flavors. (It’s really bad.)

He tore a page right out of China’s one child policy in the name of his precious eco crusade.

He was hammered by REAL scientists on a twitter hashtag campaign, too.

Needless to say, he wasn’t bringing a lot of gravitas to the conversation when he weighed in on the issues about the hurricanes we’ve seen recently.

Here the ‘science guy’ explain everything he thinks he knows about climate and hurricanes.

And then we’ll explain what he got wrong.

First, the response to that post from Ryan Maue:

Ryan Maue tells us a little relevant information about himself on his Twitter Profile.

So, an actual scientist who knows what he’s talking about.

As anyone who’s watched the Weather Network during hurricane season could tell you, it’s the ocean, stupid.

Let’s let NASA deliver the slap-down to poor, befuddled Bill.

What Makes Hurricanes Form?
Scientists don’t know exactly why or how a hurricane forms. But they do know that two main ingredients are needed.

One ingredient is warm water. Warm ocean waters provide the energy a storm needs to become a hurricane. Usually, the surface water temperature must be 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher for a hurricane to form.

The other ingredient is winds that don’t change much in speed or direction as they go up in the sky. Winds that change a lot with height can rip storms apart. –NASA

Sorry, Bill. You’re just not as smart as you think you are.

Share if Bill, like Al Gore, is a legend in his own mind.

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