Scammed: Former MSNBC Host Runs Democratic PAC – Look What She Did With All The Cash!

The money raised for one thing went to another — isn’t that the Democrat way? Ideology matters.

Former MSNBC host, Krystal Ball (yes, that is her real name,) runs a sufficiently progressively named PAC called ‘People’s House Project‘ in order to support ‘working- and middle-class Democratic House candidates in the Midwest and Appalachian states.‘ Well, that’s what they allegedly support. It seems as though Ball’s PAC uses the Clinton model of fundraising — a huge percentage goes to staffing costs, including Ball’s salary, while a minuscule amount goes to the candidates.

The Federal Election Commission records reveal that of the more than hundred thousand dollars raised by the group last year, less than 3 percent was donated to only two Democratic House candidates.

The stated mission of the Ball-run People’s House Project is to support “working- and middle-class Democratic House candidates in the Midwest and Appalachian states.” But Federal Election Commission records show that of the nearly $120,000 the group raised last year, $69,500 was paid out to Ball. Of $115,000 in total expenditures, only $3,250 — less than 3 percent of all money raised — was donated to Democratic House candidates.

Of the amount donated, $2,250 went to the campaign of Richard Ojeda, a candidate for West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District. Another $1,000 was given to Karen Mallard, who is running in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. People’s House Project ended the year with just over $34,000 in cash on hand, as well as $10,000 in debts owed.

The $69,500 that Ball received as pay stands as 60 percent of the total expenditures by the group. Overall, 75 percent of the $115,000 handed out went to payroll expenses.

“We try to be as helpful as we possibly can to our campaigns within the limits of the law,” Ball said. “This is my full-time job. I put everything I have into it. And I couldn’t be more proud of the impact we’ve had on a small amount of money.”

Ball said that her salary is ‘modest’ and that the job of the People’s House Project is not primarily that of fundraising. The PAC’s primary focus is to serve as a third party for candidates to help them create higher name-identification in their races and to connect them with potential donors.

Two of the candidates have spoken glowingly despite the pittance that they received from Ball’s PAC.

“They have done some wonderful things for me,” said Ojeda, pointing specifically to the group’s ability to connect his campaign with media contacts. “They have been a godsend.”

Mallard also said the group has been “so helpful” since they first came in contact in late October, particularly on the donor front.

However, both Ojeda and Mallard have struggled with fundraising since announcing their campaigns. Ojeda, who is running for the seat being relinquished by Rep. Evan Jenkins, R-W. Va., has raised only $35,000, while Mallard only pulling in $29,000. Four of the six candidates are also running in districts that are considered “Solid Republican” by the Cook Political Report.
Source: Washington Examiner

Looks like those two are headed for a loss.

Perhaps Krystal Ball’s PAC could’ve let them know that that was coming.

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