Say, What? Do You Think ‘Trump’s Crazy’ And His ‘Supporters Are Racists?’

That sure is what the Media(D) and, now, even textbooks would have us believe. Do you agree with them?

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His MD ran a psych test, which he passed with a perfect score. Trump, to the horror of the Left, tweeted that he’s a ‘Stable Genius’.

Instead of accepting the doctor’s report, they reacted to Trump’s tweet.

That was further proof that Trump was crazy. Or something.

Trump is also (we are assured by the honest media) a stark-raving racist, and followed by racists.

Looking at the voting record in the last few Presidental elections, that’s truly remarkable. Statistically, many of them must have only discovered their deep commitment to racism AFTER they elected Obama as President … twice.

They must be pretty outraged, too, that Trump keeps sneaking minorities into positions of influence. Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador, for instance. Or the new female Brigadier General that is being appointed.

His supporters must be tied in knots how Trump sided against Russia and with the (decidedly not-white) people of Syria when he decided gassing the Syrian civilians was a situation that required American intervention.

What do you think?

Are Trump supporters the racists we’ve been told they are? Or are we being fed a pile of manure?

Are they right to say Trump is Crazy and his supporters are racist?

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