Roger Goodell Meets With NFL Owners And Doubles Down On STUPID

Well, at least Goodell is consistent. Fumble the big decisions. He may have found the one way to make EVERYONE mad..

If this trend continues much longer, the NFL will be less popular than Figure Skating.

Why are fans changing the channel and leaving the stadiums empty?

Because the game — especially the anthem — has been politicized.

What is Goodell’s proposed solution?

Say he wants people to stand for the anthem…

…but nobody will be punished if they don’t.

York said all owners, including Jones, have a much different perspective now that they’ve met and listened to players. He said he doesn’t think any players will be reprimanded for taking a knee. — WCPO

Turn the TEAMS into political activists.

Nobody minds or cares when players are philanthropists…

… so long as they are activists on their OWN time.

In fact, there is a long and rich tradition of athletes in all sports ‘giving back’ by backing charitable causes. It can be anything from mentoring groups, to children’s hosptials, or looking for a cure for a particular illness, to charities for kids whose father is in prison, whatever you like. The sky is the limit.

But you don’t hype your cause — however precious it might be — on the field.

And you don’t make a TEAM event about you personally.

But now… in response to a publicity stunt started by Kaepernick who never misses a chance to slander the police… the NFL is going to embrace that same cause.

“We spent today talking about the issues players are trying to bring attention to. Issues in our communities, to make our communities better.” — ESPN

Maybe they think we’ve forgotten the stands the NFL had taken on the 9/11 cleats or the memorial for the murdered Dallas Cops.

We have not.

If they reward the conduct we’ve seen for the last year and a half, we will have a prediction for you.

You’re going to look back at the cratered ratings that worried you in week six, and pine for them as “the good old days”.

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