Rob Schneider’s ‘Thank You’ To Saudis For ‘Letting Women Drive’ Is SARCASTIC GOLD!

Rob Schneider has posted a tweet that will remind you why you love Rob Schneider so much.


Humor doesn’t have to be ‘safe’ and ‘PC’ to be funny.

In fact, it’s better if it isn’t!

Just ask Jerry Seinfeld who no longer does gigs on campus, where nobody can take a joke because everyone there has a stick up their butt.

For the snowflakes, we will explain: ‘stick up their butt’ is a euphemism. It means you have an underdeveloped sense of humor, and you need jokes explained to you because you’re all so busy being offended.

Where were we? Oh, right. Rob Schneider being sarcastic.

It’s a good news/ bad news story about Saudi Arabia.

Good News! Women can finally drive!

Bad news…

And the awesome responses rolled in:

Of course, some were ‘culturally insensitive’ — and those were the most hilarious ones:

And if the P*ssy Hat wearing Feminists find this mockery of Saudi Arabia’s ‘advancement of women’s rights’ offensive, well, here’s another truth bomb for you:

Yo, feminists: are you going to march there, too?

Or are you just opposed to the fictional ‘gender pay gap’ that oppresses women here in the United States?

This sounds like a job for a Sharia-compliant feminist.

Hey, Linda Sarsour, how do you make THAT work, exactly? Aren’t they mutually exclusive?

Not just the throwing LGBT (etcetera) off of rooftops, either. The other stuff, too?

What does that even LOOK like?

The husband still gets to beat his wives (‘lightly’)… but feminist wives can hit him back?

Women still can’t testify against their rapists, and get stoned for infidelity if they try… but they can..? Nope. I still don’t see how that fits with the ‘Progressive’ ideology.

Women can’t even have a MEDICAL procedure without a guy’s say-so.

Although, you could argue they take abortion (sorry — ‘woman’s right to choose’) even more seriously than American Feminists do.

Well… the ones who raise their kids to be jihadis do, anyway. Willingness to sacrifice the life of a child for a personal cause? That’s SO Progressive!

Share if Humor is dangerous because it packs a punch when loaded with Truth.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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