Report: Researcher Says, Schools Are Still One Of The Safest Places For Kids – Here’s Their Analysis

How about some facts to balance all the emotion that’s been injected into the debate?

After all, the other side loves to tell us how they ‘(expletive) love science’, right?

Besides, how many of our readers actually believe that we make our best and most clear-headed decisions when those decisions are driven by emotion? And isn’t that the point of the Left leveraging emotion for a political cause — to apply emotions like sorrow, guilt or shame instead of reason?

Sure it is. Just look at the coverage on CNN and the Twitter-Verified figureheads of the new ‘movement’ who miraculously had a ‘movement’ within a day or two. They’ve now got their own publicists and Wiki pages, too.

(Which raises a few serious questions about how mere schoolkids were able to pull that off so quickly, without any cynical activist backing.)

CNN and the Media (D) are using grieving kids as props, harnessing their sorrow and outrage to fuel their cause. And frankly, it’s disgusting.

(Speaking of pushing emotional buttons… Doug Giles hits back for the media exploitation of traumatized students.)

Meanwhile, back in reality, some of us want answers about the new national crisis.

For instance — heated rhetoric aside — how dangerous ARE our schools? There are upwards of 300 Million Americans and a certain number of school fatalities.

Acknowledging that ideally, no kid would ever be murdered at school, we would also ideally like no kid to die in a car crash, or be abused by a parent, or die of an overdose, or wind up being trafficked sexually… and so on.

But it’s impossible to live on adrenaline and outrage forever. At some point, we need to step back and see where to invest our energies in solving problems.

How much of the ‘crisis’ is an emerging threat, and how much is hype?

If we want any proposed solutions to be effective, we will want to avoid any knee-jerk reaction like we often see in the public response to a spike (in media-reported) ‘shark attacks’ that shapes a summer news narrative from time to time, whether there is actually a rise in ‘shark attacks’ or not.

Two of my favorite blogs have concerned the prevalence of shark-attack stories out of proportion with their actual threat. Two summers ago, I examined the question, “which is more dangerous: sharks or horses?” (Spoiler alert: horses, by a ratio of more than 20-to-1.) Last year, I wrote about the summer’s “fad” danger, which was death by selfie. My attention was piqued by an article pointing out selfie-related deaths now outnumber those caused by sharks. Both of those blogs discussed availability bias, a common behavior pattern in which we misjudge the frequency of certain events due to their relative availability in our memory.
Source: Annieduke

This is relevant to the question at hand. Notice we are not calling for ‘concert safety’ despite the much more deadly attack at Las Vegas, which also included many minors among the victims.

It’s not calling for a crackdown on illegal gun ownership among known repeat criminals, where the impoverished, who have no other place to go live under a constant threat of violence by local gangs.

It’s not calling for soldiers on base to be permitted to carry their firearms so they are not sitting ducks if (God forbid) yet another Fort Hood – type attack happened.

The protest and outrage has laser focus.

School shootings.

Gun ownership.


Are the policies that affect our safety truly in the public best interest? Or will it be yet another Leftist fantasy gone wrong?

For example, in hindsight, leaving the border undefended and turning a blind eye while Hezbollah transitioned from ‘merely’ a terrorist group into an international crime syndicate, shipping drugs and contraband into the country by the literal boatload may seem like it was a bad idea on Obama’s part.

Let’s arm ourselves with information so we can have a scaled response.

First, are mass murders (4 or more victims killed besides the murderer) on the rise?

Stastically? No.

And what about the trend line for schools in the last 25+ years?

Schools are in the process of getting safer, statistically.

So rather than rushing to burn the Constitution due to a single emotionally-charged event (and those who actually DO ‘love science’ will tell you that anecdotes are NOT the same as data), maybe we should take a moment to see where the facts lead us…

Discover what the actual failure points in this incident were…

And adjust our policy to prevent and address those same failure points in the future.

In the process, if we decide as a nation that we’d prefer to have our schools be a hardened target with the power to repulse (by whatever means we decide) felons with ill intent, then we can have that debate, too.

But can we come together as adults, set aside the hype and discuss the actual facts?

That would be great, thanks.

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