REPORT: California POT FARMS Burned To The Ground – Look Who Authorities Suspect

This may be the REAL reason we’re seeing those lethal wildfires. Will California do anything about it?

As authorities look into the devastation caused by the wildfires in California, patterns are starting to emerge.

These wildfires were already ‘suspect’.

For one thing, they were happening far earlier in the year than wildfires normally would occur. And they’re being called ‘unprecedented’ in size and destruction.

For another thing, they kept finding authorized Marijuana growers among the burned-out victims. Again and again.

Law enforcement — including DHs — and top brass among the legal growers all noticed that their industry was being hard-hit. It stopped looking like a coincidence.

The damage is looking like this:

Forty or so are dead. And almost a hundred are still missing.

People want answers. What caused this?

The answer might be — Mexican Cartels.

The New York Times reported yesterday that tens of thousands of marijuana growers live in this area, the vast majority of whom have no insurance. Furthermore, since marijuana remains an illegal drug under the Controlled Substances Act, the industry still uses cash. —GotNews

‘Tens of Thousands’ of growers.

We aren’t surprised. We remember this article from when illegal pot growers were impacting farming and water supply questions in California.

Cartels have both the means AND the motive. Wipe out the competition — growers, legal and otherwise — and you dry up supply. Demand will drive the costs up. And just like that, the cartels make more money.

And all it would cost them is a can of gas and a couple of matches.

Will this make California think twice about their Sanctuary Status?

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