Refugee ‘Mediator’ On Gang-Rape Case — What He Said About Victims Will Leave You Speechless

With one of the victims being ‘trans’, you’d think the news outlets would have cared more about this story.

Rape victims ENJOYING it?

And if this guy is part of the ‘solution’ is it any wonder the problems have gotten so bad?

In Italy, where they had as many as ‘10,000 refugees a day‘ arriving in Italy.

A Polish visitor was beaten unconscious before being his girlfriend was gang-raped.

“Four men came up to us speaking in broken English,” he said.

“When I realized what was going on, it was too late. They hit me with a bottle in my head and then beat me until I fainted. I wanted to do something for [my girlfriend].”
He is likely to require surgery, having suffered serious facial injuries during the attack.
“I want to have this nightmare behind me, though it will be difficult to forget what happened to us,” he finished.
…Under Polish law, foreigners who attack Polish citizens abroad can be punished in Poland, with the sentence the case of rape being a minimum of five years.
Clearly moved by the horrific nature of the crime, which ended with the attackers attempting to drown the woman they had repeatedly raped, Deputy Justice Minister Patryk Jaki tweeted that “for these bastards should be the death penalty, although for this particular case I would also restore torture”.
Source — Breitbart

But this isn’t the only victim this same group has raped.

Four suspected North African migrants who beat, robbed and sexually assaulted a Polish couple in Italy gang raped a transsexual from Peru on the same night, according to reports.
Source — Breitbart

So… what did this ‘mediator’ say?

A 24-year-old apparently Muslim ‘cultural mediator’ for an Italian migrant-reception cooperative got into hot water Monday by saying rape was “a worse act, but only at the beginning, when the willy goes in, then the woman becomes calm and you enjoy it like normal intercourse”.
There were calls for the man, Abid Jee, to be sacked over the Facebook post, which caused a stir despite being quickly removed.
Jee was commenting on the Friday night rapes of a Polish tourist and a transsexual prostitute by a reported North African gang of four in Rimini.

Did he say she could ENJOY being RAPED? That she’ll begin to ‘enjoy it’ like ‘NORMAL INTERCOURSE’?

Buddy, I don’t know what life’s like where YOU are from, but here in America, NORMAL intercourse is the furthest thing from rape.

And just how many rapes must one be present for before you have a good sense of what a ‘normal’ response to being gang-raped looks like, anyway?

How many victims will there have to be until the Liberal media acknowledges even the possibility between increased incidents of rape, and the very different cultural values the newcomers have brought with them?

Even a having a Transsexual victim wasn’t enough to force them to come face to face with this ugly side of reality.

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