Is This The Real Cause Of Stephen Hawking’s Death?

Whoa! Could this be true? If so, it changes everything!

Stephen Hawking, the renouned physicist and atheist, died recently. It is believed that he had finally lost the battle with ALS, the disease that he had been diagnosed with back in 1965.

A newly-surfaced tweet is making the rounds, however, that is casting doubt on that claim.

Check it out:

Ok, so this tweet is one of those memes that go around after someone has died unexpectedly.

Here are a few other examples.

From Cuban despot, Fidel Castro:

To the beloved Carrie Fisher:

Golf legend Arnold Palmer:

Revered musician Tom Petty:

Aaron Hernandez:

Even Bambi’s mother:

And the one that started it all — Harambe:

It’s only funny because it could be true…

There have been so many suspicious deaths surrounding Hillary Clinton. She’s like the Typhoid Mary of ‘mysterious deaths’.

You can check out the full ‘Clinton Body Count’ here:

Clinton ‘Suicides’: You Can Add Two More Names To That List Of Suspicious Deaths


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This is a badass shirt, but guys aren’t the only ones that want to shout out THIS message.

Ladies — here’s one for you, too.

Is it just me, or is Hillary Clinton mental? In her recent, horrendous book, she blamed everyone from the moon and back for her loss in the 2016 Presidential election. She blamed Trump, hard-working Americans, sexism, self-hating women, news outlets, the ones that aren’t full of leftists, voter suppression, Russia, her own campaign staff, the DNC, campaign finance laws, the Electoral College and more. Crazy how she forgot the part that she’s a liar, she’s mental, and no one likes her.

So, rock on without her America, and get this fantastically hilarious shirt, which proclaims just how mental Hillary Clinton really is today!

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