Rapper: Blames White People For WHY Guns Are A Problem – Yes, This Is Real

It takes a real mental midget to decide that the BEST possible reaction to mass slaughter is to go on a racist tirade.

Yes, that was his response.

And he actually thinks he took the ‘high road’, too.

Let’s take a look. He ALMOST gave an apology.

But his apology only lasted eleven minutes.

Note … we ‘both’ must grow. That’s almost as winsome as saying ‘I’m sorry you’re too stupid to understand what I really meant.”

Then he figured he should take back the apology altogether.

Ok. ‘Love wins’ he says. The OTHER people are ‘hating’.

Let’s take a closer look at what his idea of ‘love’ looks like.

In response to the news of the slaughter in Las Vegas, he showed how little he truly valued human life.

“They vilent.” Uh, ok. That’s kind of a racist generalization, dontcha think?

Oh, I get it… racist generalization is your schtick. Now it makes more sense… well, doesn’t make SENSE, exactly, but we know what we’re dealing with.

Ok with violence on all levels? White people are violent?

We might want to ask how he explains, for instance, Chicago’s murder rate, then. Or the number of rappers that own — or have been shot by — guns.

Remember — this is ‘love winning’.

So, I guess ‘white people’ somehow have a particular taste for and enjoyment of violence. Or something.

(Maybe this guy has never watched one of those Flyheight or WorldStar Hip Hop videos where there’s a free-for-all fistfight over, basically nothing.)

Don’t worry, it wasn’t just white people he was slagging, either.


Basically, black people are awesome, and everyone else is the devil.


But he wasn’t done yet.

And there were a few random rants in the middle here…

A candid moment?

Not much to add here. He’s obviously got a very tenuous connection to reality.

Wait.. did he just admit there is such a thing as gang violence? How does he blame that on the white devil?

So… movies made you violent? How about Rap music. Themes of sex and violence there, too, aren’t there?

And right in the middle of it he throws out this.

That doesn’t seem like an especially stable emotional state. You might want to get that checked out.

He might want to look up some gun statistics — (oh right, he said statistics are racist and fake science, too)

— look up statistics about what’s going on in Chicago, Baltimore and some of the other places where Black Lives are really at risk, and generally not a white guy on the other end of the equasion.

But calling people to be more responsible for their situations does not get clicks, or sell tickets when you tour. But having someone ELSE be the fall guy for everything bad in your life, that’s another story.

Notice he didn’t add anything constructive to the conversation about Las Vegas? Didn’t mourn any victims (hate to break it to him, but they weren’t all white) Nore did he ask any questions that would help us dig down to real answers. Like this.

Nah. He just went on an arrogant, ignorant rant.

And all his followers are the worse for it.

Share if this is NOT what love really looks like.

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