Question: Would You Like To See The FBI Raid Hillary’s House?

The Big story of the week was when President Trump’s personal LAWYER was raided.

We’re supposed to believe that an INFAMOUSLY ‘leaky’ Feds are going to somehow protect Lawyer-client privilege, and not play any ‘gotcha’ games with the President’s information.

Reports have even come forward that officials might be in possession of recorded conversations between Trump and his lawyer.

How does that stack up against Hillary’s ‘investigation’ which included a written memo exonerating her even BEFORE she testified (But NOT under oath).

Her classified emails were showing up on Anthony-Freaking-Weiner’s hard drive.

Shouldn’t the scrutiny Hillary faced be at least as tough as what Trump is under? Remember, for all the scrutiny he’s been under, he still has not been accused of any specific violations of law.

Hillary’s lawyers were offered Immunity. Trump’s lawyer was raided.

Hillary’s 13 devices were not acquired by FBI. Trump’s lawyers’ data and devices were seized.

Is it finally time someone kick down Hillary’s door, and thoroughly investigate what’s on her files — including everything from putting her political influence in high office up for sale (which would explain her sudden drop in speaking fees) to her role in Uranium One, to what REALLY happened with her emails, to any communications with Loretta Lynch (under either official or secret email accounts) about that Tarmac meeting by either of the Clintons.

In short, is it finally time that Bill and Hillary get the kind of scrutiny a Republican would have if they were accused of the same serious breaches of the law?

If Comey was ‘cowed’ into silence, can we really claim the investigation was ‘unbiased’?

Question: Would You Like To See The FBI Raid Hillary's House?

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