QUESTION: Should Women Not Dress Provocatively So ‘Immigrants’ Won’t Rape Them?

Trying to keep up with a Feminist’s list of what you can and cannot do or say is enough to give you whiplash.

Say something when you notice a woman showing a little more skin than what is normally acceptable in particular social situation?

That’s ‘offensive’. You are guilty of slut-shaming.

But if someone from a particular culture gropes or rapes a girl, and they use exactly the same language about ‘too much skin’? (Which, who knows, could even mean her ankles were showing.)

The angry accusations of ‘slut-shaming’ suddenly disappear. And something very different takes its place.

Looks like the defense of a woman’s right to wear revealing clothes wasn’t rooted in any principle, after all, was it?

Why the double-standard?

Are some men, from some cultures, just better at honoring and respecting women than others?

Men from some cultures better at understanding boundaries, and not touching a woman without her consent?

Surely they wouldn’t be suggesting THAT, would they? Would Feminists ever say that college girls need to layer up so that ‘randy’ frat boys don’t cross any lines?

Not at all! It’s the frat boys that would need to learn respect.

They are happy with this double-standard, and refusing to demand their men uphold the standards of ALL other men of whatever religion, race, or nationality.

In doing so, is it not fair to say that these Leftists who want to walk on eggshells around Islam, and not have them conform to our standards of the treatment of women are the REAL ‘islamophobes’ and ‘bigots’?

Aren’t they REALLY saying that men from a particular culture are too feral and savage to live up to the moral standards we expect of all other men from all other parts of the world?

But back to the question:

Should Women Not Dress Provocatively So 'Immigrants' Won’t Rape Them?

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