QUESTION: How Will You Celebrate If Hillary Goes To JAIL Over Uranium One Scandal? (VIDEO)

We just might see her in that orange jumpsuit yet…

Hillary is like Teflon™. Nothing seems to stick to her. Not Bill. Not even Benghazi.

But this is something that the Democrats have been shrieking about for a year — Russian Collusion.

And she’s neck-deep in it.

Just think, if the Hildebeest gets jail time, she could get to hear millions of people chant the thing she’s wanted to hear her whole life:  ‘Four more years!

Of course it won’t be in relation to the Presidency — because let’s be real, that was always a pipe dream — but at this point, she’s gotta take what she can get, amirite?

ClashDaily called this one over a year ago when it was revealed that John Podesta had ties to Russia.

The dots were there to be connected all along.

And don’t you LOVE that Special Counsel Mueller is now investigating Democrat Tony Podesta‘s ‘Russian Collusion’?

The Podesta Group was indeed connected to Russia, Bill got a big payday from Moscow, so did the Clinton Foundation. And don’t ever, ever forget that Obama ‘hot mic’ moment with Russian President Medvedev:

‘Flexibility’ in relation to missile defense, huh?

Now that the Media (D) is being shamed into reporting on the Clinton campaign and the DNC’s involvement in the Trump Dossier, it’s REALLY on.

Fox News commentator, Sean Hannity is adamant that people will go to jail over the Democrat-Russia Collusion.

From Hannity:

Here’s my prediction tonight. People will be going to jail over this… Congress has a duty, a moral obligation, you can’t have a dual justice system. They must investigate these scandals fully and they must uncover the truth of what actually happened. How is it possible, how? That they never recognized that giving Vladimir Putin and the Russians 20 % of our uranium, the material for nuclear weapons, a hostile actor is a good idea? And with Uranium One Congress can start by calling on key Obama administration officials. Eric Holder, Rod Rosenstein and, yes, Robert Mueller, I hope you’re watching!

Watch Sean Hannity:

Do you think Hannity is right?

QUESTION: How Will You Celebrate If Hillary Goes To JAIL Over Uranium One Scandal?

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