Question: Should Students Be REQUIRED To Take This Class BEFORE Graduation?

Do you think by making this class mandatory it would improve the education of the ‘Snowflake Generation’?

Is this an idea whose time has come?

Would this curb some of the snowflakes more obnoxious behavior?

If they understood the right to feely assemble, would Leftist Protesters be less likely to attack people assembling to pray, or promote free speech?

If they understood the role of the Second Amendment, not just to defend oneself from harm, but as a brake on government tyranny, would they be less keen on disarming the public?

If they understood the religious freedoms, would they stop trying to force religious groups to act against the conscience and teaching of their particular faith?

They don’t mind ‘conscientious objectors’ to military service. But let a nurse say she can’t participate in an abortion… or a baker say he doesn’t want to bake a particular kind of cake… or nuns don’t want to pay for contraception… and the Left loses their minds.

Because their little world centers on CONTROL.

Not self-control. Heavens, no. Don’t be ridiculous. Control of that which fails to conform.

They’ve shut down colleges over racial butthurt. Broke one down to actual anarchy. Bullied a (liberal) white professor to ‘leave’ because he’s white. And they wonder why they disgust us?

Starting a riot, setting fires, and vandalizing Berkeley because someone is going to SPEAK an idea contrary to their dogma? Is that supposed to be OK?

Get the CEO of Mozilla fired because he donated money to the ‘wrong’ political cause?

But they’re calling everyone ELSE ‘fascist’. This is fast becoming a ‘Secular Inquisition’. With no end in sight. Bully the heretics into submission and compliance.

Violence awaits those who are not sufficiently cowed.

Maybe a solid grounding in the Constitution will shine a light on just how anti-American and anti-democratic these Marxist Anarchist groups really are.

And maybe people will shun them the way they rightly shun that other leftist legacy group. The one with those pointy white hoods.

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